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January 11, 2019New Climate Change Report Says Ocean Warming Is Far Worse Than Expected
New Study: Impacts of Warming Oceans, Includes Rainfall Intensity, Rising Sea Levels and Declines in Ice Sheets, Glaciers and Ice Caps
  Topics : GREEN_WEB | Water Usage
January 07, 2019Converting Plastic Into Energy May Be Key To Cleaning Oceans
Cleaning Oceans Hinges on Preventing Plastics From Entering Their Waters
  Topics : GREEN_WEB | Water Usage
December 05, 2018Why it's Critical for Food Companies to Choose Sustainable Packaging
Projected Growth in Plastics Production Could Lead by 2050 to the Oceans' Containing More Plastics Than Fish
  Topics : GREEN_WEB | Water Usage
November 05, 2018The Oceans Are Warming Even Faster Than We Previously Thought
Continuous Losses in Ocean Oxygen due to Warming Will Make Marine Habitats Less Hospitable for Ocean Life
  Topics : GREEN_WEB | Water Usage
March 16, 2018Geoengineered Glaciers Could Help Slow Rising Seas
Massive Underwater Projects Could Help Keep sea Levels in Check
  Topics : GREEN_WEB | Water Usage
March 05, 2018How Architecture Is Tackling Increasing Floods From Climate Change
Include Projects Beyond Climate Resilient Housing - Rain Gardens, Green Roofs, Permeable Parking, Urban Forests and Farms
  Topics : GREEN_WEB | Water Usage
September 05, 2017How Hanes Reduces Water Use, Energy Use, & Carbon Emissions to Create Value
Areas of Focus to Reach its Goals: Energy Reduction, Renewable Energy, Waste Diversion & Water Conservation and Wastewater Treatment
  Topics : GREEN_WEB | Water Usage
October 03, 2016New Source of Greenhouse Gas
How do Water Reservoirs Accelerate Global Warming?
  Topics : GREEN_WEB | Water Usage
August 18, 2016GM Plant Will Save Millions of Dollars by Capturing Rainwater
Project Moves GM Closer to its Goal of Reducing Water Intensity by 15 Percent by 2020
  Topics : Auto industry supply chain | GREEN_WEB | Water Usage
June 18, 2015A Farm-Level View on Supply Chain Water Risk
Inexact Water Use Data is More of a Problem in Fragmented Supply Chains
  Topics : GREEN_WEB | Water Usage

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