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June 18, 2015A Farm-Level View on Supply Chain Water Risk
Inexact Water Use Data is More of a Problem in Fragmented Supply Chains
  Topics : GREEN_WEB | Water Usage
June 04, 2015EPA: Fracking's no Big Threat to Water
For Both Anti-fracking Groups and the Industry, it's Another Example of the US Government's Mixed Messages on Fossil Fuels
  Topics : Green and Government | GREEN_WEB | Water Usage
November 06, 2014The Business Risks of Water Shortages
CDP Global Water Report 2014: Nearly Half the Reported Water Risks are Expected to Negatively Impact Businesses Now or in the Next 3 Years
  Topics : GREEN_WEB | Water Usage
May 28, 2014Heartland Beefs Up Electrical Systems in Trucks for Drivers
Providing ''Comforts of Home'' for Heartland Drivers
  Topics : Water Usage
May 16, 2014Drought, Hurricane Bigger Threat to World's Top Companies
CDP Reports That Climate Change is Expected to Increase Company Costs or Hinder Sales
  Topics : GREEN_WEB | Water Usage
January 16, 2014Businesses Wise Up to Supply-Chain Water Risks
Fears About Rising Water Risk May Make 2014 the Water Stewardship's Year
  Topics : GREEN_WEB | Water Usage
July 31, 2013Water Risks Threaten Profits
Metals and Mining Firms New Report: Over One Third of Water Executives say Demand is "Highly Likely" to Outstrip Water Supply by 2030
  Topics : GREEN_WEB | Water Usage
July 29, 2013Will Earth's Ocean Boil Away?
A Billion Years from Now: Could we Make it Happen Sooner Through Climate Change?
  Topics : GREEN_WEB | Water Usage
April 04, 2013Ford Expands CO2-Cutting Paint Process
The Three-Wet Painting Process Saves on Electricity, Natural Gas and Water Usage
  Topics : Green and Manufacturing | GREEN_WEB | Water Usage
January 26, 2013Which Companies’ Sustainability Promises Do You Believe?
H&M, Puma and Nike Vow to become Greener and More Sustainable in Water Used for Manufacturing
  Topics : GREEN_WEB | Water Usage

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