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March 28, 2024Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: The Growing Risk of Freight Fraud
Wall Street Journal Graphic Nicely Shows How It Works
  Topics : Supply chain risk | Transportation | Trucking
March 26, 2024Cargo Theft Continues to Grow, with Increasingly Brazen Crimes
Law Enforcement Simply Overrun
  Topics : Supply chain risk | Transportation | Trucking
March 22, 2024Review and Comment: MHI Annual Report 2024
The lowest stage, if you will, is “Observer,” which refers to companies that “have limited exposure to climate considerations or minimal experience implementing climate efforts,” among other attributes.
  Topics : Global supply chain | Material handling automation | Supply Chain Innovation | Supply chain risk | Supply Chain studies | Supply Chain
January 24, 2024Global Supply Chain News: Impact of Red Sea Drama Rising
Supply Chain Disruptions back in the News after Calm 2023
  Topics : Global logistics | Logistics Cost Savings Ideas | Logistics costs | Supply chain risk
January 09, 2024Global Supply Chain News: Red Sea Chaos Causing Ocean Shipping Rates to Soar
Rates from Asia to US East and West Coats Up more than 50%
  Topics : Global logistics | Logistics costs | Ocean carriers | Supply chain risk
January 03, 2024Global Supply Chain News: The Impact of Houthi Attacks on Shipping in the Red Sea
Many Container and Bulk Ships Forced to Sail Around Africa
  Topics : Global logistics | Global supply chain | Ocean carriers | On Demand Software | Supply chain risk | Transportation
November 14, 2023Advice from Gartner on Supply Chain Cyber Security
CSCOs have Key Leadership Role to Play, Gartner Analyst Brian Schultz Says
  Topics : Supply chain and sales-marketing | Supply chain risk | Supply Chain
October 24, 2023Steps to Protect against to Supply Chain Cyber Attacks
Boston Consulting Group off Smart Tips to Reduce Growing Risks
  Topics : Supply chain risk | Supply Chain
October 18, 2023Supply Chain News: Gartner Says Procurement Leaders are Slow to Address Supplier Slavery Risk
Poses Major Challenge, As Gartner Finds Just Half of Companies Even Trying to Address the Issue are Making Progress
  Topics : Global sourcing | Global supply chain | Procurement/Supplier Management | Supply chain risk
April 14, 2023Are Investments in Supply Chain Technologies not Delivering to Expectations? Part 2
A Framework to Think about Supply Chain Technology Project Risks
  Topics : Supply chain risk | Supply chain thought leadership | Supply Chain

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