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February 27, 2024Supply Chain News: Amazon Web Services Unit AWS Launches Demand Planning Solution that Incorporates Demand Drivers
Machine Learning Applied to Improve Forecast Accuracy
  Topics : | Demand planning/management | Forecasting | Supply Chain Planning software
February 15, 2024A New Model for Supply Chain Planning
Leverages Machine Learning, Massive Data Integration
  Topics : Demand planning/management | Inventory management | Supply Chain Planning software
August 21, 2023Supply Chain News: Amazon has Relaunched Its In-House Shipping Service for Marketplace Sellers
UPS, FedEx See Stock Prices Fall after the News
  Topics : | Demand planning/management | e-fulfillment | ecommerce | Parcel shipping/parcel systems | Transportation
December 07, 2022Amazon AWS Launches New Supply Chain Applications
Will Include Demand and Inventory Planning Capabilities, plus a New Approach to EDI
  Topics : | Demand planning/management | Inventory management | Supply Chain Planning software | Supply chain software
June 08, 2021The Hozelock Group Selects FuturMaster Demand Planning to Improve Service Levels and Support Growth
Better Service with Lower Inventories will Help Company Gain Market Share
  Topics : Demand planning/management | Supply Chain Planning software
March 12, 2020Demand Forecasting Maturity Curve
More Accurate Demand Forecasting can Drive Both top line Revenue and Bottom Line Profitability
  Topics : Demand planning/management
February 12, 2019eBook: Practical Tips to Improve Demand Planning
This e-book Provides Tips to Leverage Strong Demand Planning and Optimization Capabilities at Your Company. Provided by Logility.
  Topics : Demand planning/management
May 09, 2018Five Tips for Improving Demand Planner Effectiveness
Forecast accuracy is crucial for achieving both customer service goals as well as ensuring proper utilization of resources to drive profitable business growth
  Topics : Demand planning/management
April 11, 2018Report: Demand Segmentation Users are Better Equipped to Manage Their Channel Challenges
This report discussed the examines the adoption of demand segmentation and its benefits in tackling demand volatility and channel shifts. Provided by Logility.
  Topics : Demand planning/management
April 18, 2017Supply Chain Comment: Tips to Fine-Tune Your Forecast
Using System-Enabled ABC Analysis Techniques and Customized Alerts, Planners can Focus on What is Most Important
  Topics : Demand planning/management | Forecasting

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