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June 21, 2018Supply Chain Comment: Create A Micro Supply Chain for Each Customer Order
Multi-Enterprise Order Orchestration Bridges the Gaps Between Internal Processes and External Parties
  Topics : Customer satisfaction | Order management
May 23, 2018Sorting It Out: Shippers Looking to Improve Operations Choose Customer Centric Approach
Avoiding the "Wrecking Ball" Speeds-up Performance Improvements
  Topics : Customer satisfaction | Distribution
May 01, 2017The Nuances of Getting the Customer Service Metric Right
Michael Watson says he is seeing clients with many questions about how to best measure customer service
  Topics : Customer satisfaction | Metrics/Performance measurement
July 28, 2016The Expanded World of Supply Chain: Taking on Supplier and Customer Relations
Supplier and Customer Relations are Integral Elements of Effective Supply Chain Operations
  Topics : Customer satisfaction | Supplier relationship management | Supply chain thought leadership
March 16, 2016Logistics News : Is 100% Customer Satisfaction Achievable & Sustainable?
A 99.9% Accuracy Rate Still Disappoints One Customer in a Hundred
  Topics : Customer satisfaction | Distribution
September 10, 2014Logistics News: Great Customer Service Depends on Quick & Easy Access To Stored Products
Storage Systems must Support Sales Objectives
  Topics : Customer satisfaction | Distribution | Warehouse design
July 16, 2014Logistics News: Improve Customer Service By Adopting A Focused Approach
Avoiding the "Wrecking Ball" Saves Time & Money
  Topics : Customer satisfaction | Distribution
June 04, 2014Logistics News: Managing Customer Orders At The Speed Of The Internet
In the Future Will Retailers Know what you Need before you do?
  Topics : Customer satisfaction | Distribution | Order management
December 04, 2013Logistics News: Changing Shopper Dynamics Drives The Need For More Shipping Options
Understand the Factors Leading to Increased Challenges for Small Parcel Shipping
  Topics : Customer satisfaction | Parcel shipping/parcel systems
March 20, 2013Logistics News: When It Comes To Customer Satisfaction - There Is No Such Thing As Over Achieving!
A 99.9% Order Accuracy Rate Still Disappoints One Customer in a Hundred
  Topics : Customer satisfaction | Distribution

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