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February 10, 2014Supply Chain Comment: More Trouble Brewing in South China Sea
Right after my Warning about Potential Troubles, US Ups the Rhetoric against Chinese Territorial Claims
  Topics : China | Supply chain risk | Supply chain security
January 16, 2014Supply Chain Jab: Managing Digital Distribution
I have had Doubts Supply Chain can Play a Role, but Sony DADC Extends DOM System to the Digital World Too
  Topics : Order management
January 07, 2014Frustrating Supply Chain Trade Press Articles
As with GM RFID Story this Week, too Often Critical Details Need for Full Understanding are Missing
  Topics : Reverse logistics/returns management
June 18, 2013What Took So Long for Bangladesh and Pakistani Apparel Supply Chain Issues to Rise to the Surface?
Decades after Criticism of Nike and Its Supposed Sweatshops, and No One Knows What is Happening at Offshore Suppliers? Turning a Blind Eye
  Topics : Global supply chain | Green Sourcing
May 29, 2013More Reflections on the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference
Gartner Supply Chain Team Lost Some ''Gravitas'' when Senior AMR Leaders all Bailed After Acquisition; Should Gartner Sign a Few Free Agents?
  Topics : Supply chain thought leadership | Supply Chain Trends
January 09, 2012Supply Chain Comment: Are Boeing Supplier Stress Tests Defeating the Point of Outsourcing in the First Place?
New Supplier Stress Tests Seem Like Aggressive Program for Risk Reduction, but Look like Bad SMS Design from Another Perspective
  Topics : Outsourcing/offshoring | Procurement/Supplier Management | Supply chain risk
August 26, 2011Supply Chain News: Supply Chain 2015 - How Am I Doing?
SCDigest editor Dan Gilmore provides a list of 10 fairly specific predictions for what he thinks will happen in the supply chain by 2015.
  Topics : Supply chain thought leadership | Supply Chain Trends
March 28, 2011Geiger Counters for the Supply Chain?
Companies Should be Thnking Now about How Tracers of Radiation could Impact Customers and Imports from Japan and Other Countries
  Topics : Global supply chain | Supply chain risk
November 24, 2010Exciting New Home Page Look at Supply Chain Digest
The Challenge is Fitting All of Our Articles and other Content on One Page; New Innovations Coming in 2011
  Topics : Fun stuff
April 23, 2010Trip Report: CSCMP Atlanta and Supply Chain Executive Forum
SCDigest editor Dan Gilmore reports back from two days in Atlanta on the interesting presentations at the CSCMP Atlanta Roundtable meeting and the Georgia Tech Supply Chain Executive Forum.
  Topics : Education and Training | Supply Chain Trends

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