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March 29, 2010Supply Chain Comment: The Challenge of Building a DC Complexity Calculator
Making this hasn't been Easy but the Tool is Good, and can become Industry Standard; Still Looking for Input
  Topics : Distribution | Logistics | Warehouse Mananagement Systems
September 30, 2009Logistics News: Material Handling Vendors Going Too Far with the Green Message?
New AS/RS Group Touts Green Benefits, but Should Green Factors Trump Operational Best Fit?
  Topics : Distribution | Green supply chain | Material handling automation | Warehouse design
July 21, 2009Supply Chain News: Meeting with VICS on Emerging Retail Carton Labeling Issues
As we Expected, No One Really Knew what was Brewing with these Changing Mandates; We are Optimistic Progress will be Made
  Topics : Automatic Data Collection | Consumer goods industry supply chain | Distribution | Retail industry supply chain
July 08, 2009Supply Chain News: In Search of a Non-Retail Cross Docker
Is Cross Docking by Manufacturers and Distributors an Urban Legend?
  Topics : Distribution | Logistics | Order management | Order picking
July 06, 2009Supply Chain News: Will US Auto OEMS Really Change their Ways with Suppliers?
Bo Andersson is Gone from GM, but will Culture of Beating Up Suppliers ever Really Change in Detroit?
  Topics : Auto industry supply chain | Procurement/Supplier Management
June 10, 2009Supply Chain News: A.H. Schreiber Story Shows Risks to Vendors from Changing Retail Labeling Requirements
One Printer-Applicator Works Just Fine for UCC128 Labeling - Until JCPenney asks for Label on the Top
  Topics : Automatic Data Collection | Consumer goods industry supply chain | Distribution | Retail industry supply chain
May 22, 2009Supply Chain Comment: Consultative Selling Works for Vendors and Customers in the Software Industry
RedPrairie Finds Success in Approach that was Somewhat Lost in Supply Chain Software Industry
  Topics : Supply chain software | Vendor selection
May 15, 2009Supply Chain Comment: Funny Story about Slow Moving Inventory
Just Why are there So Many Pallets in this DC?
  Topics : Distribution
May 01, 2009Supply Chain Comment: JDA Software has it Going On
Upbeat User Conference in Tough Times, Smart Business Decisions, are Impressive
  Topics : Supply chain software
April 30, 2009Supply Chain Comment: Health Care Costs for Manufacturers Gone Amuck
Hard to Believe Who Will Be Dominant Shareholder in New Chrysler-Fiat
  Topics : Manufacturing

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