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April 07, 2019Manufacturing Jobs Boom Is Fading
Two years of strong gains have given way to a minor slump. But ther is good news, too.
  Topics : Web News
April 07, 2019Great Dane Announces New Flatbed Distribution Centers
Minnasota, Florida, Colorado
  Topics : Web News
April 07, 2019XPO Logistics to Launch Enhanced Last Mile Capabilities Online
Company promises more visibility and more control over the consumer experience
  Topics : Web News
April 07, 2019Why Smart Manufacturing
Digitalization spells opportunity for electronics manufacturing
  Topics : Web News
April 05, 2019Monopoly power is growing across the developed world
Could be cause of lackluster investment growth to growing income inequality, a new International Monetary Fund report finds.
  Topics : Web News
April 05, 2019Amazon will break ground for Cincinnati air hub in Mayi
May create 2700 jobs
  Topics : Web News
April 05, 20191,100 Miles of Bridges in Desperate Need of Repair
ARTBA estimates that the cost to make the repairs for all 235,000 bridges is nearly 171 billion dollars
  Topics : Web News
April 02, 2019GM Executives Closed Ohio Plant Despite Concessions from U.S. Workers
CEO allegedly blamed the UAW for the plant closure in a phone conversation with President Trump.
  Topics : Web News
April 02, 2019Amazon spreads its wings in the air cargo sector as it buys into Atlas and ATSG
Amazon hold on the air cargo industry is set to double
  Topics : Web News
April 02, 2019A construction industry study says repair work on U.S. bridges slipped to its slowest level in five years
More than 47,000 616,087 US bridges are structurally deficient
  Topics : Web News

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