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May 17, 2017Amazon Places a Bigger Bet on Furniture
Amazon now appears to be doubling down on furniture as it eyes taking a bigger piece of the 150 billion dollar market
  Topics : Web News
May 17, 2017U.S. industrial production grows considerably above expectations in April
Manufacturing output also grew 1 percent
  Topics : Web News
May 17, 2017Federal spending would make up $200 billion of the administration’s $1 trillion infrastructure plan
Trump road plan would rely largely on private funding
  Topics : Web News
May 15, 2017For-Hire Trucking Index Shows 7th Straight Positive Reading
Acceleration in the growth trend
  Topics : Web News
May 15, 2017Why the road to Trump's $1 trillion infrastructure investment is marked with potholes
Most infrastructure projects lack the revenue stream and return on equity needed to attract private investors.
  Topics : Web News
May 15, 2017This startup is the Airbnb of warehouses and has Amazon in its sights
Flexe offers overnight ground delivery to nearly anyone in the country.
  Topics : Web News
May 15, 2017Reviving manufacturing would help all of us—not just white men
Domestic manufacturing is crucial to the welfare of the U.S. working class
  Topics : Web News
May 15, 2017Future of retail is robotic and not just in the supply chain
For retail, the next frontier for robots is the back office
  Topics : Web News
May 15, 2017Supply chain 'trumps' political pressure in making business choices
Companies are currently restructuring their global production footprints
  Topics : Web News
May 15, 2017Subaru streamlined the supply chain at its Indiana auto plant to reduce its standard inventory on hand from 1.25 days to 4.5 hours.
Wanted very high frequency, low volume inventory
  Topics : Web News

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