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July 17, 2017How the Amazon-Whole Foods Deal Could Change Trucking
Will the role of rail grow in moving fruits and vegetabls?
  Topics : Web News
July 17, 201710 US states with the most crumbling infrastructure
Northeast States Dominate the List
  Topics : Web News
July 17, 2017US industrial production rose 0.4% in June vs 0.3% increase expected
U.S. industrial production rose for a fifth straight month in June, Federal Reserve says
  Topics : Web News
July 14, 2017US retail sales drop 0.2% in June vs 0.1% increase expected
US retail sales unexpectedly fell in June for a second straight month
  Topics : Web News
July 14, 2017Amazon is getting too big and the government is talking about it
Hedge fund manager Douglas Kass says government talks about antitrust issues have begun
  Topics : Web News
July 14, 2017Tesco pledges to tackle hazardous chemicals in clothing supply chain
Greenpeace said Tesco will immediately begin the process of eliminating 11 groups of hazardous substances from its brand
  Topics : Web News
July 14, 2017Amazon Prime Day 2017 grows 60%
As usual, the company did not provide hard sales numbers
  Topics : Web News
July 14, 2017Why the Post Office Gives Amazon a Shipping Subsidy
A Citigroup analysis finds each box gets a 1 dollar and.46 cent subsidy
  Topics : Web News
July 14, 2017Shortage Of Foreign Labor Forces Maine Businesses To Hire Local Workers
The labor shortage is so acute that companies are sweetening incentives for local workers.
  Topics : Web News
July 12, 2017Forecast Calls for Continued Low Oil, Fuel Prices
On highway diesel projected to average 2.59 per gallon for this year
  Topics : Web News

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