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April 16, 2018Rushed Amazon warehouse staff pee into bottles as they’re afraid of time-wasting
UK paper repports workers afraid to use restrooms becaue they will get into trouble for taking too long away from the job
  Topics : Web News
April 16, 2018Robots causing millions of job losses could lead to the rise of communism
Million of job losses caused by robots could lead to the rise of communism, according to the governor of the Bank of England
  Topics : Web News
April 16, 2018LLamasoft Names Razat Gaurav CEO
Former JDA Executive hopes to Keep Growing
  Topics : Web News
April 16, 2018Bill Would Hold Retailers Liable for Trucking Company Labor Violations
Californi bill sparked by allegations of misconduct by some port drayage companies
  Topics : Web News
April 16, 2018Economist Noel Perry Says Strong Freight Market, Driver Shortage Will not Last
The odds favor an economic downturn before long and a quick return to normalcy in terms of supply and demand for trucking service, Noel Perry says
  Topics : Web News
April 16, 2018US retail sales rebounded a solid 0.6 percent in March
Ends three months of declining retail sales
  Topics : Web News
April 16, 2018Tesla ships flawed parts from suppliers to a local machine shop for fixes, and they're piled up outside
Tesla is fighting to reduce the amount of rework it has to do to produce its electric vehicles
  Topics : Web News
April 16, 2018The Robot Shipbuilders Are Coming
Hyundai Heavy tests powerful robot that can curve steel plates
  Topics : Web News
April 16, 2018Trump Campaign Chief Pushes to Raise Amazon Shipping Rates
Executive order to investigate Postal Service finances, including its relationship with shippers like Amazon and the prices it charges them
  Topics : Web News
April 16, 2018Amazon delivery driver tries to toss package, fails, tries again
Surveillance video shows an Amazon delivery that seems to have been inspired by the NBA playoffs
  Topics : Web News

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