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September 13, 2017Target to Hire 4500 Seasonal DC Workers, 100,000 in Stores
Ambitious plans hint that hiring will be healthy across the industry, with other retailers eager to win sales.
  Topics : Web News
September 13, 2017Wal-Mart restructures US operations to speed change
Walmart will have 36 regional managers instead of 44, follows other changes
  Topics : Web News
September 13, 2017Whole Foods Is Becoming Amazon’s Brick-and-Mortar Pricing Lab
Amazon relentless price testing in the online world anchors its competitive advantage, now wilk take to physical stores
  Topics : Web News
September 13, 2017Asia has long relied on manufacturing for growth — that's now under threat
Technology is allowing manufacturers to make customized products in locations closer to their customers
  Topics : Web News
September 13, 2017German Carmakers Push for Electrics While Clinging to Diese
BMW says electrics to be less profitable than traditional cars
  Topics : Web News
September 11, 2017In the Future, Warehouse Robots Will Learn on Their Own
The Berkeley robot was all the more remarkable because it could grab stuff it had never seen before
  Topics : Web News
September 11, 2017Self-Driving Trucks Need to Gain Traction on Capitol Hill
Legislation that would ease the application of autonomous driving technology to commercial trucks has so far failed to gain traction
  Topics : Web News
September 11, 2017Electric Cars Reach a Tipping Point
Almost 80 percent of the global auto market is pushing toward phase-out of petroleum cars and adoption of electric vehicles
  Topics : Web News
September 11, 2017Critical material Tungsten prices have jumped 50 percent in the last two months
China is enforcing output quotas for the steel hardening metal
  Topics : Web News
September 11, 2017As Amazon Pushes Forward With Robots, Workers Find New Roles
The robots make warehouse work less tedious and physically taxing
  Topics : Web News

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