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February 16, 2018U.S. Industrial Production Unexpectedly Edges Lower In January
Drop in mining output partly to blame
  Topics : Web News
February 16, 2018Mapping out China's Belt and Road Initiative
Some have concerns about lopsided benefits to China at the expense of partner nations
  Topics : Web News
February 16, 2018Walmart Unveils New Apparel Brands to Counter Amazon’s Growth
The moves are part of Walmart’s push to make its apparel business more streamlined and stylish
  Topics : Web News
February 16, 2018OOIDA calls for change to U.S. hours of service
Says ays current regulations are overly complex, provide no flexibility, and do not reflect the physical capabilities or limitations of
  Topics : Web News
February 16, 2018Amazon is paying its workers up to $5,000 to quit, and it's a brilliant strategy
The strategy weeds out less engaged employees and encourages employees to feel even more committed to their jobs
  Topics : Web News
February 16, 2018Musk Thinks Tesla Will School Toyota On Lean Manufacturing
Fixing Model 3 Launch Would Be A Start
  Topics : Web News
February 16, 2018Rhode Island to install first truck-toll gantries this week
State argues thatt large tractor-trailer trucks do the most damage to Rhode Island roads
  Topics : Web News
February 14, 2018FTR Finds Maxed-Out Capacity in Latest Trucking Conditions Inde
Capacity utilization has been in the high 90 percent range in the past few years
  Topics : Web News
February 14, 2018Amazon Moves to Launch Its Own Delivery Fleet
Amazon has been straining the capability of existing carriers
  Topics : Web News
February 14, 2018There Are nott Enough Truckers, and That is Pinching US Profits
Tyson Foods expects to pay 200 milliondollars more for freight this year.
  Topics : Web News

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