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November 28, 2018Self Driving Cars Are the Future. Jobs in Auto Manufacturing Are Not
Blu -collar manufacturing jobs and mid level white collar jobs for people without advanced degrees are vanishing
  Topics : Web News
November 28, 2018How Digitization Is Driving New Business Models For Manufacturers
Rapid digital advances mean manufacturers can do more than simply achieve a new level of efficiency
  Topics : Web News
November 28, 2018Earn while you learn training provided by Wisconsin manufacturing company
Company will pay students 10 dollars an hour while they complete their training.
  Topics : Web News
November 28, 2018Takeover target Panalpina keen to remain independent
Rival Swiss logistics company Kuehne and Nagel indicated that it would consider making a takeover approach
  Topics : Web News
November 28, 2018Volvo Launches Transport Service Using Fully Autonomous Trucks
Under terms of the agreement, the mining company will not own the trucks
  Topics : Web News
November 28, 2018US third quarter GDP growth unrevised at 3.5
Pace was likely strong enough to keep growth on track to hit the 3 percent growth target this year.
  Topics : Web News
November 28, 2018Future of retail may see consumers dealing directly with manufacturers
In the future for retail, power will shift from seller to buyer, retailer to manufacturer, CEO to a staff in store, predicts Intime CEO Chen Xiaodong
  Topics : Web News
November 28, 2018Amazon warehouse workers in Europe spent Black Friday protesting
Amazon workers in Italy, Germany, Spain, and the UK staged mass walkouts, protesting poor conditions and low wages
  Topics : Web News
November 26, 2018Trade tariffs, higher interest rates are slowing global economic growth, OECD says
Amid prolonged trade disputes and rising interest rates, the global economy will continue to slow down next year
  Topics : Web News
November 26, 2018Online retail sales on Thanksgiving day jump 28 percent from last year
Black Friday holiday shopping goes even more mobile with record traffic on smartphones
  Topics : Web News

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