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August 01, 2018Amazon forms U.S. Postal Service lobby group with other companies
Comes days before a task force set up by President Donald Trump is due to recommend postal reforms to the White House
  Topics : Web News
August 01, 2018Uber Shutters Autonomous Truck Unit
Wll Focus only on self driving cars, after acquiring Otto truck business two years ago
  Topics : Web News
August 01, 2018Annual US worker pay gains rose at fastest pace since 2008
Up 2.8 percent year over year
  Topics : Web News
July 31, 2018Supply Chain Newsmakers Video Series: The Three P's of S&OP
People, Process and Platform
  Topics : Web News
July 30, 2018UK Paper Alleges Amazon Treats Injured Workers Badly
Injuries leave workers leave them homeless, unable to work or bereft of income.
  Topics : Web News
July 30, 2018. Caterpillar says tariffs will cost the company up to 200 million dollars in second half so it is raising prices
It says it intends to largely offset these impacts in part through price increases
  Topics : Web News
July 30, 2018It is in interest of China to reconsider its trade surplus with the US
The U.S. has an iro clad trade case with China
  Topics : Web News
July 30, 2018Beijing to shut 1,000 manufacturing firms by 2020
Part of a program aimed at curbing smog and boosting income in neighboring regions
  Topics : Web News
July 30, 2018Amazon Warehouse Tours Really Bumming Everyone Out
Several customers have been reported as being severely bummed out at the bleak conditions workers must tolerate in Amazon warehouses
  Topics : Web News
July 29, 2018Is American birth rate about to start booming?
The current stubbornly low birth rates may be on the verge of a rise
  Topics : Web News

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