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January 12, 2011Logistics News: Returns Assets -- Once A Supply Chain Afterthought, Now An Important Cost Savings Opportunity
For Logistics Executives, Managing Returns Is Just As Important As Managing Sales
  Topics : Distribution | Reverse logistics/returns management
July 15, 2009Logistics News: Putting Some Numbers to Reverse Logistics
New Study says Retailers and Wholesalers Recovering More Value than Manufacturers; the Five Process Steps for Returns Processing
  Topics : Distribution | Reverse logistics/returns management
January 08, 2009Supply Chain Video: Reviewing Apple's Approach to Reverse Logistics
From Instructions to Packaging, Apple Gets it Right
  Topics : Reverse logistics/returns management
January 06, 2009Logistics News: Apple Gets Returns Management Right
Holistic Approach Certainly Improves Customer Satisfaction, but does it also Reduce the Total Cost of Returns? New Video Review of Apple System
  Topics : Reverse logistics/returns management
June 05, 2008Supply Chain Technology Insights: Technology Support for Reverse Logistics is Minimal
New Group of Specialty Vendors is Offering Solutions for These Tough Problems
  Topics : Logistics | Reverse logistics/returns management
January 08, 2008Best Practices in Reverse Logistics Management
Attention to the Reverse Supply Chain Finally Starting to Gain Hold; 12 Habits of Highly Effective Reverse Supply Chains
  Topics : Logistics costs | Logistics | Reverse logistics/returns management
April 05, 2007Williams-Sonoma Continues to Use Supply Chain to Drive Shareholder Value
Retailer In-sources Distribution, Looks to Leverage Customer Delivery with Store Replenishment in New York
  Topics : e-fulfillment | Logistics costs | Logistics | Retail industry supply chain | Reverse logistics/returns management
March 01, 2007Logistics in Reverse Gear
Logistics professionals know the cost and effort around reverse logistics - but few companies really do a lot about the issues. Now a combination of factors - cost, regulation, and green supply chain initiatives - are changing the picture, and forcing company action.
  Topics : Distribution | Logistics costs | Logistics | Reverse logistics/returns management | Supply chain software
January 17, 2007On-Demand Videocast: Building an ROI for Reverse Logistics
The focus on "reverse logistics" has been building for several years, driven by increased awareness of costs (and opportunities), greater regulatory requirements across the globe, and - increasingly - the environmental/ sustainability strategies many companies are pursuing. In this excellent Videocast presentation, you'll learn how improving reverse logistics process can provide a high ROI, while enabling your company to meet regulations and contribute to sustainability strategies.
  Topics : Distribution | Logistics costs | Logistics | Reverse logistics/returns management
September 08, 2006Reverse Logistics: Best Practices in Warehouse Returns
Returns processing effort and costs are a huge burden for many distribution centers. We provide tips to help improve efficiencies and reduce handling costs.
  Topics : Distribution | Reverse logistics/returns management | Warehouse Mananagement Systems

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