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August 12, 2019Global Supply Chain News: Did Container Carriers Overshoot Optimal Megaship Design?
Market Changes and Other Factors Mean 18,000 or more TEU Ships May not Make Sense, but Lots of them on Water Now
  Topics : Global logistics | Logistics costs | Logistics | Ocean carriers
July 24, 2019Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: Changing Patterns of Value-Add in Exports
Germany Actually Leads China in Total Export Value-Add, while Shift away from China could Boost Ocean Container Traffic
  Topics : Global sourcing | Global supply chain | Ocean carriers
July 16, 2019Tips for Making CO2 a KPI for Freight Transportation
Adopting the GLEC Framework is an Important Starting Place to Prevent Freight Transportation's Carbon Emissions From Skyrocketing
  Topics : air carriers/cargo | GREEN_WEB | Ocean carriers | Trucking
July 02, 2019Global Supply Chain News: Maersk Line in Midst of Dramatic Transformation
Plan is to Have 50 Percent of Profits from Non-Container Shipping Logistics Services Soon
  Topics : Global logistics | Ocean carriers | Third-party logistics
June 28, 2019Shipping Sector Comes Under Increasing Pressure To Cut Its Carbon Footprint
To Deliver on Ambitious Climate Targets, Zero-Emission Vessels Will Need to Enter the Fleet by 2030
  Topics : GREEN_WEB | Logistics | Ocean carriers
June 19, 2019Banks Steer Maritime Shipping Toward Climate Goals
Eleven Major Shipping Banks Have Signed Onto a new set of Guidelines That Provide a new Climate Framework for how They Fund Shipping Vessels
  Topics : GREEN_WEB | Ocean carriers
May 27, 2019Global Supply Chain News: Threat of IMO to Mandate Slow Steaming Gets No Traction – for Now
International Maritime Organization Tryin to Find Ways to Meet CO2 Emissions Goal, could Still Tell Ships to Slow Down Further
  Topics : Global logistics | Ocean carriers | Supply Chain and Government | Supply chain and the environment
April 30, 2019'Slow Steaming': Shipping Industry Leaders Call for Carbon-Saving Speed Limits
IMO set a Goal to Reduce Shipping's Carbon Intensity by 2030
  Topics : GREEN_WEB | Ocean carriers
April 23, 2019IMO Rules on Sulfur Emissions Likely to Spur Further Mergers in Ocean Container Sector, but Probably not Enough to Change Overall Market Dynamics
Drewry Says Additional Financial Pressures Drive more Combinations, but Likely Ones would Still Leave Balance on Power In Shippers' Favor
  Topics : Global logistics | Ocean carriers | Transportation
April 22, 2019Maersk Charts Course Toward Sustainable Shipping
Pilot Program Aims to Learn More About Using Biofuels and Understand the Possibilities Around Increasing its Usage
  Topics : Green Logistics | GREEN_WEB | Ocean carriers

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