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December 04, 2019New Shipping Rules are on the Horizon. Is Your Supply Chain Ready?
Noncompliance Includes: Fines, Loss of Reputation and Time
  Topics : GREEN_WEB | Ocean carriers
December 02, 2019Global Supply Chain News: Growing Number of Container Ship Fires Blamed on Cargo Issues
Mis-declaration and Poor Packing are Key Factors, New Analysis Says
  Topics : Global logistics | Ocean carriers | Supply chain risk | Transportation
November 24, 2019Global Supply Chain News: Container Shipping Giant Maersk Going All in with Logistics Strategy
Plans Major Investment in Warehouses Across the Globe to Catch Up with New Ri
  Topics : Global logistics | Ocean carriers
November 14, 2019How can Businesses Navigate the Transition to Alternative Fuel Fleets?
Alternative Fuels: There are Still Concerns About Range and Ability to Refuel Sufficiently
  Topics : GREEN_WEB | Ocean carriers | Trucking
October 29, 2019Global Supply Chain News: Low Sulfur Fuel Surcharges will be Key Bargaining Point for Container Shipping Lines
As New Diesel Prices Expected to Soar, Sagging Volumes Leave Carriers with Little Leverage
  Topics : Global logistics | Ocean carriers
October 23, 2019Shippers Shine Torch in Every Corner as Pressure to Cut CO2 Grows
Sophisticated Paint, Slower Speeds and Lower Carbon Ships are Some of the Ways That the Shipping Industry is Trying to Reduce CO2 Emissions
  Topics : Green Logistics | GREEN_WEB | Ocean carriers
October 10, 2019Green Supply Chain News: Cargo Shipping Hopes to Reduce CO2 Emissions Dramatically, but How to Get There is Far from Clear
IMO Targets 50% Reduction by 2050, but What Fuels will Really Work to Replace Oil?
  Topics : GREEN_WEB | Ocean carriers
October 01, 2019Global Supply Chain News: Longshoremen Continue to Thwart Automation at Port of Los Angeles, Despite OK in Contract
Does Dispute Foreshadow Contract Troubles in 2022?
  Topics : Global logistics | Ocean carriers
September 10, 2019Supply Chain News: French President Pushes for CO2 Emissions from Ocean Carriers, after IMO Failed to Act in May
Would have Significant Impact on Shippers, but Many Countries not On Board; Macron Acting because of Paris Accord Disappointment?
  Topics : Global logistics | Logistics costs | Logistics | Ocean carriers
August 12, 2019Global Supply Chain News: Did Container Carriers Overshoot Optimal Megaship Design?
Market Changes and Other Factors Mean 18,000 or more TEU Ships May not Make Sense, but Lots of them on Water Now
  Topics : Global logistics | Logistics costs | Logistics | Ocean carriers

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