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August 14, 2017Green Supply Chain News: Artificial Intelligence Could be a Key Piece in the Green Manufacturing Toolkit, Software Provider Says
Faster Results with Much Less Investment than Major Process or Equipment Changes
  Topics : Green supply chain | Manufacturing
August 09, 2017Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: Walmart's Many Sustainability Initiatives with Vendors
Graphic Shows Programs by Product Category - and That's Only Half of It
  Topics : Green supply chain | Wal-Mart
August 02, 2017Green Supply Chain News: Walmart Continues Down Aggressive Corporate Social Responsibility Path in 2017 Global Responsibility Report
Walmart's Plan to Save the World Includes Significant Programs with Suppliers in US and Globally
  Topics : Green supply chain | Wal-Mart
July 31, 2017Supply Chain News: Hydrogen Fuel Cell Lift Trucks May Finally Gain Traction, as Amazon and Now Walmart Make Big Commitments
Promise of Lower Operating Costs, and Big Guys Jumping in May Lead to Lower Prices for Trucks Before Long
  Topics : Distribution | Green supply chain | Material handling automation
July 18, 2017Green Supply Chain News: BP Releases Its Statistical Review of World Energy for 2017
Global Energy Consumption Again Just One-Third of Economic Growth, while Low Prices Lead to Second Straight Year of Market Share Gains for Oil
  Topics : Green supply chain
June 21, 2017Green Supply Chain News: Local Dealer Develops New Truck Tractor that Surprisingly Nears 10 Miles per Gallon Performance
Real Tests with Real Carriers Demonstrating the Promise - before the Super Trucks get Here
  Topics : Green supply chain | Transportation | Trucking
June 12, 2017Green Supply Chain News: States, Cities Ready to Push Climate Plans after US Withdrawal from Paris Agreement
Emissions Levels Far More Determined at State and Local Level than Nationally, Michael Bloomberg Says, as California Signs Climate Deal with China
  Topics : Green supply chain | Supply Chain and Government
June 07, 2017Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: Is Peak Oil Demand Coming Soon?
Some Oil Companies Say Peak Demand Could Come in Less than 10 Years, While Others Say Oil's Future Remains Bright for Decades
  Topics : Green supply chain | Supply Chain Trends
May 31, 2017Green Supply Chain News: How Soon will Peak Oil Demand Arrive?
Predictions Vary by Decades, but Most Agree it is Coming, with Major Implications
  Topics : Green supply chain
May 08, 2017Green Supply Chain News: Forget Global Warming, Big Freeze is Starting Very Soon, Some Scientists Say
New 230 Year Cooling Cycle Underway, David Dilley Says, while Valentina Zharkova Continues to Predict a Looming Maunder Minimum
  Topics : Green supply chain

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