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January 15, 2020Five Trends Set To Disrupt Global Supply Chains In 2020
Market Realities Place Tremendous Operational Pressure on the Entire Lifecycle of Your Products and Assets
  Topics : Global supply chain | Green supply chain | GREEN_WEB
December 30, 2019Top Trends That Will Reshape Supply Chain And Logistics In 2020
Changes in Consumer Demands, the Rise of e-Commerce and Fierce Market Competition Have Enabled a Rapid Transformation of the Industry
  Topics : Global logistics | Green supply chain | GREEN_WEB
October 23, 2019Green Supply Chain News: Ranks 45 Apparel Companies on Carbon Emissions
Progress not Nearly Enough, Report Says, as it again Provides Its Filthy Fashion Scorecard
  Topics : Consumer goods industry supply chain | Green Sourcing | Green supply chain | GREEN_WEB
October 13, 2019Consumer Goods Companies Exposing Granular Supply Chain Data to Create Transparency
Some Activists Use Detail Data Against the Companies that Provide It
  Topics : Green supply chain | Procurement/Supplier Management
September 23, 2019Green Supply Chain News: Amazon Announces Aggressive New Environmental Plan, but Thousands of Employees Protest Anyway
Amazon Acquiring 100,000 Electric Delivery Trucks from Rivian by 2024, but Employees Protest Anyway
  Topics : | Green Logistics | Green supply chain | GREEN_WEB | Trucking
September 06, 2019Energy, the Supply Chain and CO2
Annual BP Report on Energy Highlights the Disconnects on CO2 Emissons - and Huge Decisions Lying Ahead
  Topics : Green supply chain | Supply chain thought leadership | Supply Chain Trends
August 22, 2019Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: Gauging Supply Chain Transparency
Transparency Can be Measured Along Two Key Dimensions, HBR Authors Say
  Topics : Green supply chain
June 18, 20195 Ways Companies Can Go Green By Rethinking The Supply Chain
Five Initial Steps to Inject Green Principles Into your Operation
  Topics : Green supply chain | GREEN_WEB
June 10, 2019How to Drive Value Through Supply Chain Sustainability
Companies Must Stay Abreast of the Trends Regarding Best Practice in Order to Build or Maintain a Competitive Edge
  Topics : Green supply chain | GREEN_WEB
June 05, 2019Supply Chain News: Time to Move a Lot more US Freight to Rail, Author Says
Modal Switch will Reduce CO2, Improve Safety, Lower Need for More Highways
  Topics : Green supply chain | Rail carriers/transportation | Transportation | Trucking

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