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November 19, 2018Global Supply Chain News: China is Taking Industrial Espionage to Never Seen before Levels
Chinese Manufacturer Can't Make Chips, So It Simply Steal Billions Worth of IP from Micron Technology
  Topics : China | Global supply chain | Supply chain risk
November 08, 2018Sustainability is (Finally) Making an Entrance
Economists Take on Where Sustainability Makes Sense for a Company's Bottom Line
  Topics : Global logistics | Global sourcing | Global supply chain | GREEN_WEB
November 08, 2018Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: The Rising Costs of New US Tariffs
Tariffs Paid by US Importers Increasing Sharply, but will that Finally Impact the Economy?
  Topics : Global supply chain | Supply Chain and Government
October 15, 2018A CFO's Guide to Transforming the Global Supply Chain
This Guide Discusses how Digitizing the Supply Chain Provides Efficiency, Reduces Risk and Increases Agility. Provided by Amber Road.
  Topics : Global supply chain
September 19, 2018Supply Chain Newsmakers Video Series: Volvo's Interesting New Electric, Driverless Truck Concept
Tractor looks more like a European sports car
  Topics : Global supply chain | Supply Chain Innovation | Transportation | Trucking
August 07, 2018Global Supply Chain News: US Better Positioned than China for Trade War, Economist Says
China has Much More of Its Economy Connected to Exports, while State Own Newspaper Threatens Apple in China
  Topics : China | Global supply chain | Supply Chain and Government
July 17, 2018Supply Chain News: New US Tariffs will Hit Many US Manufacturers Hard because of Focus on Intermediate Goods
Surprisingly Few Tariffs on Imports of Consumer Goods from China
  Topics : China | Global sourcing | Global supply chain | Manufacturing | Supply chain costs
July 09, 2018eBook: Creating the Global Supply Chain Control Tower
This eBook Discusses how Control Tower Digitization Creates True Visibility, Improves Efficiency, Mitigates Risk, and Increases Agility. Provided by Amber Road.
  Topics : Global supply chain
June 05, 2018Uncertainty Over New IMO Rules for Ocean Carrier Emissions, but One Thing is Clear: Shipping Costs are Headed Up
Whether it is Higher Fuel Prices or Investment in Expensive Scrubbers, Carrier Operating Costs are Headed Higher
  Topics : Global logistics | Global supply chain | Green supply chain | Logistics costs | Logistics | Ocean carriers
June 04, 2018Supply Chain Newsmakers Video Series:A Cautious View of Blockchain in Supply Chain from Gartner's Klappich
Blockchain has Real Potential, Klappich Says, but Enabling a Full Ecosystem will not be Easy
  Topics : Global supply chain | Supply chain thought leadership | Supply chain visibility

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