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Supply Chain Cartoon Caption Contest

- Sept. 22, 2016 -
Supply Chain Cartoon Caption Winners for August 22, 2016 Contest
Ross Corthell of Packaging Corp. of America and Kelly Egger of Rock Island, IL Take Home the Prize!

Week: Aug. 22, 2016 Contest


This Contest's Winners!

(See "Best of the Rest" Below)

Winner 1


Ross Corthell

Packaging Corporation of America

Winner 2

Kelly Egger

Rock Island, IL

Each winner will receive a nice framed picture of the cartoon with their winning entry and acknowledgement from SCDigest.

Every six months, SCDigest readers will vote on the best cartoon for that period among the bi-monthly winners, and that person will win a $50.00 AMEX Gift Card

This Month's
Supply Chain Cartoon Caption Contest Winners:


Ross Corthell
Packaging Corp. of America



Kelly Egger
Rock Island, IL

Both will receive a framed copy of their cartoons and captions with recognition from Supply Chain Digest and be eligible for our semi-annual prize as voted on by readers.

Decent number of submissions for this contest, about 175. Thanks for all who responded.


See other excellent captions below. Have yourself a good laugh!

Didn't make it? Don't despair - we just have far too many entries to post them all. But you will make it soon!

New cartoon caption contest on the SCDigest web site on Monday Sept. 26, 2016


We Need Ideas!

Have an idea for a cartoon?

We would love that too, and will give you the credit.

Send us you idea at:


Other Great Captions:


"The one's appointed by the CEO keep getting fired, so they're trying this approach."

Sandra Little
Tucson, AZ

"If my candidate wins, I'm hoping for a patronage position."

Alec Fitch
Lansing, MI

"The last VP was so bad we implemented term limits."

George Stocker
Mentor, OH

"Johnny from the Gatehouse is way out in front."

Nic Wood
Rex Bionics

"Who do you think can deliver the goods?"

Samuel Kohn
Parts Unknown

"I put those signs on the garbage chute as a joke."

Kevin Wren

"We should use this method for carrier selection, instead of those cumbersome RFQs."

Michele Rae

"My candidate said he was going to ‘Make America Freight Again!'"

Grant Opperman
MicroBurst Group

"Why are all these suppliers here?"

Cranston Withers
South Africa

"The reverse auction approach we used last time didn't work out."

Steven Nelson
Parts Unknown

"I think we might have taken our employee empowerment initiative just a little too far."

John Katchka

"I wonder who's voting for me. This feels a little bit like an episode of Survivor."

Bob McIntyre
DBK Concepts

"After months of TV ads, we are finally going to vote."

George Crawford


Previous Cartoon Winners


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