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Supply Chain Cartoon Caption Contest

- Dec. 5, 2014 -
Supply Chain Cartoon Caption Winner for Nov. 4, 2014 Contest

Alan Koegel of London Takes Home the Prize!

Week: Nov. 4, 2014 Contest

This Contest's Winner!

(See "Best of the Rest" Below)


Alan Koegel

Each winner will receive a nice framed picture of the cartoon with their winning entry and acknowledgement from SCDigest.

Every six months, SCDigest readers will vote on the best cartoon for that period among the bi-monthly winners, and that person will win a $50.00 AMEX Gift Card

This week's
Supply Chain Cartoon Caption Contest Winner:


Alan Koegel

He will receive a framed copy of the cartoons and his caption with recognition from Supply Chain Digest and be eligible for our semi-annual prize as voted on by readers.


This was a tougher cartoon to caption than we realized. We received only about 130 submissons, and we can't say this was the funniest lot of captions we've had.

Thanks to all that
sent in their submissions.

Still, there were a number of good ones, which you can see below. Have yourself a good laugh!

Didn't make it? Don't despair - we just have far too many entries to post them all. But you will make it soon!

New cartoon on the SCDigest web site on Monday Dec. 8.


We Need Ideas!

Have an idea for a cartoon?

We would love that too, and will give you the credit.

Send us you idea at:


Other Great Entries:


"Try taking the labor standards in the LMS to unprecedented levels."

Ron Rollins
Austin, TX

"We can really reduce of our transportation budget if we just stop shipping."

Anand Soni
Menlo Logistics

"It's such a bummer that channel stuffing went out of vogue."

Erin Gebhardt
Parts Unknown

"We could try actually using the planning software we bought a few years ago."

Derek Altenburg
ConAgra Foods

"I don't suppose shredding all the supplier invoices would be an option?"

Peter Moore, President
SurfTrans LLC

"Just what exactly does he mean by ‘our numbers?'"

Jeff Joyce
Caravan Ingredients

"Summon in the usual carriers."

Mary Cartright
Ft. Wayne, IN

"Run the results through MiniTab, then make a Powerpoint slide saying it shows we hit our target, no one understands statistics anyways."

Tim Culhane
Coca-Cola Refreshments

"If we shut down production, we'll hit our inventory target."

Andreas Werner
Boart Longyear

"Whew! For a minute I thought it said BOGUS numbers."

Jeff W. Gilbert


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