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November 11, 2009
This Week

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supplySupply Chain Trends and Issues Focus
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Featured Story

Planning "Only as Far in Advance as You Need to"

Supply Chain Planning and Execution will Increasingly Begin to Blur

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Intel Has to Totally Rethink Supply Chain to Get to New Cost Target for Low Price Chip

Supply Chain Cost Reduction of 80%? "Radical Change" is Needed

distributionDistribution and Material Handling Focus

Featured Story

Crown Equipment Corporation Releases Innovative New IC Fork Truck Developed in Partnership with John Deere - INCLUDES EXCLUSIVE VIDEO REVIEW

C-5 Series Designed with Operator Needs and Maintenance Costs in Mind, Company Says

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Measuring Inventory Accuracy - No Clear Answer, Experts Say

Companies Use Many Different Measures - A Combination is the Right Approach, Experts Say; Financial Versus Operational Accuracy

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Manufacturing Focus

Featured Story

Did Tuesday's Election Sink Card Check in the Near Term?

Yes, says Michael Barone, as Labor Leaders Now Push for Laws at the State Level; Test Case in Oregon?

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This Week's Manufacturing News Round-Up for November 4, 2009

Good Manufacturing News Across the Globe; Sealy Finds Lean Success; Toyota's Green Factory, More

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Operational Excellence

with Smart Planning

and Scheduling

A Four-Part Series

Part 4 - Advanced Topic:
Gain Efficiency through a
Holistic View Across
Production and Inventory Planning

December 9, 2009


Transportation Management Focus

Featured Story

Great Package Race 2009 Wraps Up - DHL First to Mongolia, While USPS Takes Opp, Alabama

Annual Contest from Georgia Tech Challenges Parcel Carriers

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CONTECH Construction Products Finds Big Value, Fast Deployment from On-Demand TMS

Time to Value, Support for Hybrid Centralized/De-Centralized Model were Key, VP of Logistics Rick Gaynor Says

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RFID and Auto ID Focus

Featured Story

Will Combining Tracking and Theft Protection in One Tag Drive RFID More Aggressively into the Consumer Goods-to-Retail Value Chain?

Metro Group to Pilot Concept with Checkpoint Systems; Could Make Incremental Cost of Item-Level RFID Modest

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Visualizing RFID Read Fields

The Magic and the Challenge of RFID is that You Can't See it; LED Wand Tied to Tag Reads Solves that Problem

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The ROI for RFID
in Distribution:
  It's There


Global Supply Chain and Logistics Focus

Category Sponsor:  SCTV

Featured Story

US-China Trade Dispute Ratchets up a Notch, as US Imposes Strong Tariff on Steel Oil Pipes

Most Think Strong Protectionism Unlikely, but Cost for Some Importers Going Up; "Skepticism about Trade" Here, US Official Says

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The Opportunities - and Risks - of Moving Production to China

Samsung Latest to Announce Plans for LCD Panel Display Plant in China; Forgetting its Own History?



Pride, Passion and Profit: The New Framework for Working Together in the Consumer Goods-to-Retail Supply Chain

A Four-Part Series

Part 4: Connecting
Supply Chains

December 8, 2009

Green Supply Chain Focus - from TheGreenSupplyChain.com (an SCDigest Web Site)
Category Sponsor: IBM

Featured Story

Summarizing Cap and Trade Versus Carbon Taxes to Deal with CO2

Most Experts Prefer a Carbon Tax, but Politicians Find Cap and Trade the More Expedient Path

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New Wind Farm in Texas to be Powered by Chinese-Made Turbines

Will Green Technologies Really Power Domestic Industries? China Gears up for Green



Network Design &
Planning for  End-to-End
Supply Chain Optimization



Sourcing and Procurement Focus

Category Sponsor:  SCTV

Featured Story

What are the Keys to Supplier Relationship Management Success?

Many Companies have Embraced SRM, but Not All Achieve Potential Benefits; Six Practices from SRM Leaders

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Will Industry Now See "Collaborative Purchasing?"

Pepsi and Anheuser-Busch Sign Deal to Purchasing Many MRO Items - and Even Technology and Logistics Services; Can it Work?


Order Capture and Fulfillment Best Practices - Setting the Stage
for Growth

November 12, 2009

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