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August 12, 2009
This Week
Global Supply Chain and Logistics: Keys to Succeeding in China
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distributionDistribution and Material Handling Focus
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Featured Story

Does Real-Time Performance Feedback to DC Operators Make Sense?

Staple of Labor Management Systems Demos is Less Often Used, but Trends are Moving That Way

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Increasing Number of Options for Sourcing Warehouse Control Systems

Equipment OEMs, Integrators, Independents All Offer Solutions; from Black Box to Robust Applications

Take a tour of advanced warehouse management

Infor’s advanced warehouse management (WMS) is a powerful solution
to boost productivity in your internal warehousing operations.
View the 5 minute demo to see how you can extend your supply chain
capabilities inside and outside the four walls of your warehouse

global Global Supply Chain and Logistics Focus




Supply Chains

Featured Story

Keys to Succeeding in China

Need for Relationships is Different in China; Avoiding Joint Ventures

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Ocean Ship Rates and Utilization Still in the Dumps, with No Real End in Sight

Prices Still Down by as Much as 80%, even as Some Add Capacity or Use Price to Gain Market Share; A Very Different Face for the Industry Soon

supply Supply Chain Trends and Issues Focus



How Multi-Modal WirelessTechnology is
Driving New Productivity
Gains in Distribution

Featured Story

After Two Decades of Supply Chain Practice, Return on Assets for US Companies Continue to Fall, New Report from Deloitte Says

Unbelievably, ROA today is just 25% of 1965 Levels; Productivity Gains Simply Competed Away?

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Inventory Optimization Technology Starts to Go Mainstream

From Black Box to User Friendly; Inventory Reductions of 15-25% are Common, IDC Says

transportation Transportation Management Focus

Featured Story

Good News, Bad News Scenario Continues to Plague Yellow Roadway

Teamsters Concession is a Big Win, but Financial Dangers Still Lurk, as Rivals Use Hardball Tactics to Gain Share

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Here we Go - Oil Prices Set to Soar, International Energy Agency Expert Says

Peak Oil Here Soon, Says Dr Birol; Effect to be "Catastrophic"


Management Rightsizing:
The New World of
On-Demand TMS

RFID RFID and Auto ID Focus

Featured Story

RFID-based Tracking of Reusable Logistics Containers has a Generally Compelling ROI

Improving Asset Utilization 100%; Lower Labor and Transport Costs Too

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Research Finds RFID Tags Can Take a Beating and Keep on Reading in ReUsable Container Applications

New Report Says 109 out of 110 Containers Still Readable After a Year Going from Farm to Store and Back Again; 100% Reads 100% of the Time?



Leverage Your Existing Wireless Networks to Do More and Reduce Operating Costs

manufacturing Manufacturing Focus

Featured Story

New Report Shows California Losing Share of Manufacturing Activity - and the Impact of Manufacturing on a State's Economy

Lots of High-Tech Job Growth - in Indiana? Some High-Tech Jobs Create 16 Others, Milken Institute Says

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Will the Great Recession Cause Capacity-Based Sourcing to Come of Age?

Bob Parker of IDC Says Maybe - but there are Real Challenges

New Supply Chain Video

Supply Chain Planning Insights Thought Leadership Video

Edition 2: Inventory, Free Cash Flow, and Shareholder Value



sourcing Sourcing and Procurement Focus



Featured Story

The Increasing Role of Optimization in Sourcing Decisions

Once Limited to Transportation Buys, Technology Now being Used in Many Other Commodity Categories, New Report from CAPS Research Says

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What are the Best Ways to Estimate Supplier Financial Risk?

Multiple Methods are Needed to See the Complete Picture; Calculating the Z-Score

Labor Management Strategies for Emerging Economic and Political Realities

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