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Supply Chain Planning Insights
Volume 3: Integrated Supply Chain Planning and Execution

SCDigest editor Dan Gilmore reviews key findings from the Chief Supply Chain Officer Insights report on Integrated Planning and Eecution (download slide presentation to the right of video).

He also talks with one expert who says new optimization technology is required to get there, in part by reducing planning cycles.


Volume 2: Inventory, Free Cash Flow, and Shareholder Value

The value of inventory should be measued way beyond "carrying costs," - inventory effectiveness directly drives reduced working capital, free cash flow, and shareholder value.

And if you understand some of that, you'll know more than many CEOs and even CFOs.


Volume 1: Shifting the Curve
In times of pressure on inventory levels, don't just manage inventory/service trade-offs along your current curve - shift the curve to reduce inventories while improving service.


Video: What's Required for

Integrated Planning and Execution?



Video: Inventory Impact on Free Cash Flow

and Shareholder Value


Video: Shifting the Inventory Curve
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