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June 30, 2009
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distributionDistribution and Material Handling Focus
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CDC Supply Chain

Featured Story

Annual WERC Distribution Center Metric Report Shows Leaders Continue to Expand Lead over Laggards

How Performance is Achieved more Important than the Numbers, Karl Manrodt Says; WERC Announces New On-Line Benchmarking Tool

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Thought Leaders Discussion on Sortation Systems for Distribution

SCDigest's Cliff Holste on Keys to Success

transportation Transportation Management Focus
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Featured Story

Transportation Management System Adoption Up Strongly, but Market Remains Fragmented

AMR Research Study Finds 68% Implemented in Last 3 years; Understand TMS Vendor Niches, Greg Aimi Says

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Annual BP Energy Report Finds Proven Oil Reserves Decline in 2008, Developing Countries Now Lead in Energy Demand

China’s Energy Consumption Rose 7.2% in 2008, while it Fell in US by 2.8%; Will Peak Oil Theorists be Pleased?

supply Supply Chain Trends and Issues Focus
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Featured Story

Will Large Retailers Help Manufacturers Drive Out Supply Chain Complexity?

Many Chains Cutting Back on SKU Counts; Good for the Winners, but not So Good for Some Smaller Manufacturers? 88 Pantene Shampoos at Target

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Caught Between the Tiger and the Dragon

New Business Novel by Jim Tompkins Captures the Challenges and Opportunities of Today's Corporate Financial Pressures and China; Our Review

RFID RFID and Auto ID Focus

Featured Story

Expected Soon - Industry Consolidation among RFID Vendors

Recession, State of RFID in Retail Causing Financial Troubles for Many; What are Buyers to Do?

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New Serge Blanco RFID Deployment Shows Two Key Trends in RFID for Distribution - Apparel and Europe

Retailer to Speed Receipt Processing by a Factor of 10 through New RFID-based System; 18,000 Items an Hour Processed in RFID “Tunnel”

Leverage Your Existing Wireless Networks to
Do More and Reduce Operating Costs

manufacturing Manufacturing Focus

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Survey of US Public on Manufacturing Sector Shows Dichotomy

Vast Majority of Public Believes Manufacturing Key to Economic Health - But Most Don't Want to Work There

Tax-Efficient Supply Chains

July 14, 2009

global Global Supply Chain and Logistics Focus

The Next Generation
Supply Chain: Integrated Planning & Execution

Part 1: Reviewing the Data

Part 2: Achieving the Vision

Featured Story

Signs Your Global Logistics and Supply Chain Operations Need a Tune-Up

Problems can Show Up Quickly, especially if Approach is more Reactionary than Strategic

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China Increasingly Pursues an "Industrial Cluster" Strategy

Industrial Policy Nationally and Regionally Pushes Industry Sector Development in Specific Metro Areas; Should Western Companies Jump In?

sourcing Sourcing and Procurement Focus


The Power of Global
Order Management
in the Service Parts
Supply Chain

Featured Story

VF Sourcing Strategies Show Need for Adaptability to Meet Changing Supply Chain Dynamics

As Supplier Base Shrinks, Apparel Giant goes Vertical - with a Twist

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What Makes Procurement Leaders Different?

First, they Simply Manage more Spend, ATKearney Study Says; Collaboration and Advanced Measurement also Key

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