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January 15, 2009
This Week
Distribution and Material Handling: Key Trends in Warehouse Management Systems

manufacturing Manufacturing Focus
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Featured Story

Will Digital Manufacturing Transform Production Processes and the Supply Chain?

The Technology is Still Emerging, but Further Along than Many People Realize; Invisalign Uses DDM to Transform the Dental Supplies Market

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Is the UAW Really at the Root of US Automakers Woes?

Even as Hourly Costs Get in Line with Transplants, Work Rule Restrictions Add Huge Costs and Dramatically Reduce Flexibility, Former Industry Lawyer Says

supply Supply Chain Trends and Issues Focus
Category Sponsor: i2 Technologies

Featured Story

How to Make Good Supply Chain Decisions

McKinsey Surveys Finds Ad Hoc Processes, Parochial Input, among Factors that Lead to Decisions that Do Not Pan Out

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Who has the Top Retail Industry Supply Chains for 2008?

Wal-Mart Continues Rankings Dominance, while Publix makes a Move

distributionDistribution and Material Handling Focus

Featured Story

Key Trends in Warehouse Management Systems

Better Suite Integration, SOA, Support for Manufacturing Logistics Among the Developments

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Apple Gets Returns Management Right

Holistic Approach Certainly Improves Customer Satisfaction, but does it also Reduce the Total Cost of Returns? New Video Review of Apple System

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transportation Transportation Management Focus
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Featured Story

Is it Time to Re-Regulate the Railroads?

Rates have Stayed High Even as Volumes Abate; Can De-Regulation Work for Effective Monopolies?

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Quarterly Wolfe Research Transportation Report Summary

How Fast Things Change; Q3 Survey Done at Average Price of $75 per Barrel of Oil; What Will the Q4 Survey Results Show?

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RFID RFID and Auto ID Focus
Upcoming Videocast
January 20, 2009

Featured Story

How Much Progress was made in Retail RFID in 2008?

New AIM Research Brief Says Past Year saw Many Significant Developments

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In Inevitable Move, RFID World Conference Expands Focus to Additional Technologies and Software

RFID Trajectory Continues to Mirror that of Bar Coding Before It

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global Global Supply Chain and Logistics Focus

Featured Story

Will Current Economic Turmoil Scale Back Globalization?

Not Really, Says Gene Tyndall, but Now is a Good Time to Relook at Supply Chain Strategies and Networks

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Just How Much is Recession Impacting the Global Supply Base - and Sourcing Strategies for the Long Term?

Reports Continue to Show Dramatic Drop in Active Suppliers in Developing Countries; How Permanent is the Damage to the Global Supply Base?

sourcing Sourcing and Procurement Focus

Featured Story

If Suppliers are Struggling Financially, What Should Procurement Organizations Do?

From Co-Buys to Reducing Payment Terms, Procurement Managers Need to Have Tool Sets in Place

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Who are the Top Procurement Outsourcing Vendors?

Little Black Book for 2008 Offers Insight

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