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April 23, 2015Supply Chain Comment: Managing China's Changing Regulatory Landscape
Survey Results That Provide Input Regarding Growth, Risks and Regulatory Issues
  Topics : China | Global logistics | Global sourcing | Global supply chain | Managing effectively | Supply chain risk | Supply chain security | Supply chain strategy
March 27, 2014Putin, the Supply Chain, and Syncronicity
SCDigest Editor Dan Gilmore on the Risky State of Supply Chains in 2014
  Topics : Supply chain risk | Supply chain security
February 10, 2014Supply Chain Comment: More Trouble Brewing in South China Sea
Right after my Warning about Potential Troubles, US Ups the Rhetoric against Chinese Territorial Claims
  Topics : China | Supply chain risk | Supply chain security
May 29, 2013Logistics News: The New Age Of Security Awareness
Protecting the Supply Chain against 4 Common Threats
  Topics : Supply chain security
January 17, 2013White Paper: Secure, Compliant Collaboration in the Cloud
The monolithic corporation we grew up with is being replaced by ecosystems of more specialized business entities, sometimes called "extended enterprises." With this evolution has come a need for closer inter-enterprise collaboration and information flow - but with it also comes increased security and compliance risks. In the form of a Q&A with expert IDC analysts, this white paper explores what tools and technologies are being adopted to facilitate Extended Enterprise Collaboration (such as cloud-based solutions) - as well as strategies for empowering business users while still holding sensitive information secure. Provided by Intralinks.
  Topics : Collaboration | Supply chain security
December 04, 2012White Paper: Four Smart Tips for Secure File Sharing and Improving Productivity
In today's highly mobile work environment, your company's intellectual property (IP), whether that's patents, trade secrets or just employee know-how, may be more valuable than its physical assets and more vulnerable than you realize. Sending IP outside your firewall can invite a data breach that could be extremely costly. This informative white paper describes 4 file sharing and productivity challenges and outlines essential tips for success. See how you can facilitate a more efficient and secure work environment by reading on now. Provided by Intralinks.
  Topics : Data collection/AIDC | Supply chain security
July 13, 2012Global Supply Chain Comment: Cargo Security Needs to Start with Contents Verification at the Shipper
One Common Element in Profit and National Security: Need for Improved Cargo Knowledge
  Topics : Global logistics | Global supply chain | Ocean carriers | Supply chain risk | Supply chain security | Transportation
July 13, 2012 Global Supply Chain Comment: ''Doors-Only'' - A Dangerous Container Security Concept, yet Still the Policy
Doors-Only, while Still the US Standard for Container Security, is Fatally Flawed and Constitutes a Serious Vulnerability to our National Security
  Topics : Global logistics | Supply chain security
March 09, 2012 Where Does the Chain of Custody Begin in Global Supply Chains?
Shippers, Consignees, Carriers, and Governments Would All Benefit from a Chain of Custody System that Begins with the Loading of the Container at Origin
  Topics : Global logistics | Global sourcing | Global supply chain | Supply chain risk | Supply chain security
January 19, 2012Supply Chain News: Did Major Supply Chain Disruptions from Natural Disasters in 2011 Really Change Approach to Supply Chain Risk Management?
More Talk than Action, by some Accounts, as Most Risk Reduction Strategies Add Cost; Pushing on Suppliers to Take Action - that is a Different Story
  Topics : Supply chain risk | Supply chain security | Supply Chain Trends

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