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August 20, 2021The “Probability” of Supply Chain ROI
A Very Different Way of Considering Payback from Technology Investments
  Topics : Supply chain finance | Supply chain excellence | Supply chain software
June 10, 2021Supply Chain Inflation is Here
Prices are Rising for Just about Everything
  Topics : Supply chain finance
June 07, 2021Supply Chain News: Hackett Group Analysis Finds Companies Taking Longer to Pay their Vendor Invoices
Tactic in Tough Economic Times Continuing in Strong
  Topics : Supply chain finance | Procurement/Supplier Management
April 22, 2021How Spend Management Influences Sustainability
Leveraging Digital Tech is the key to Accelerating the Shift to a Carbon-Neutral, Waste-Conscious, Sustainable Economy
  Topics : Supply chain finance | GREEN_WEB
March 29, 2021Tips for Auditing an Ethical Supply Chain
Audits can Receive Criticism for Being Deceptive and Disconnected From True Accountability
  Topics : Supply chain finance | GREEN_WEB
July 19, 2020Supply Chain News: Now Comes the Cash Crunch in the Retail Supply Chain
Vendors Taking Large Charges for Bad Debts from Retailers, while "Pay Up" Campaign Gets some Retailers to Honor Commitments
  Topics : Consumer goods industry supply chain | Supply chain finance | Retail industry supply chain
December 01, 2019The Profit Impact Of Vendor Performance Improvement
The relationship between vendor performance and retail and wholesale profits are closely related
  Topics : Consumer goods industry supply chain | Supply chain finance | Retail industry supply chain
March 04, 2019Can Sustainable Companies get a Lower Cost of Capital?
Banks are Offering Lower Rates to Sustainability Leaders
  Topics : Supply chain finance | GREEN_WEB
February 01, 2018Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: Impact of US Tax Changes on Manufacturing
Nice Summary from the Accountants at BDO Lays it Out
  Topics : Supply chain finance | Manufacturing | Supply Chain and Government
January 31, 2018Sorting It Out: Understanding the "Value" of the Distribution Center Audit
DC Audit -The First Step toward Improving Operations
  Topics : Distribution | Supply chain finance

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