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September 20, 2023Is It Time to Decentralize Supply Chain Operations Decision-Making?
Faster, Better Decisions by those On the Shop Floor, Nestle and Kearney Say
  Topics : Managing effectively | Manufacturing | Supply Chain Innovation | Supply chain thought leadership | Supply Chain Trends
September 08, 2023Supply Chain and the Urban Doom Loop
Could an Unvirtuous Cycle that Started with Remote Working Turn US Cities into Ghost Towns?
  Topics : Network design/optimization | Supply Chain Trends | Supply Chain
September 01, 2023The Labor (Day) Supply Chain 2023
Our Annual Review on the State of Labor in the Supply Chain
  Topics : Economic News | Manufacturing | Supply Chain Trends | Supply Chain
August 16, 2023Supply Chain News: Is Onshoring/Nearshoring Ready to Take Off?
Disruptions, Automation, Government Policies are Combining to Change the Dynamic
  Topics : Global sourcing | Global supply chain | Manufacturing | Supply Chain and Government | Supply Chain Trends
August 04, 2023Supply Chain Comment: The State of Global Energy 2023
Annual BP Statistical Review of World Energy again Provides a Wealth of Data
  Topics : Economic News | Supply Chain Trends
July 28, 20231H 2023 Supply Chain in Numbers and Charts
From Economic Growth to Freight Volumes and Rates to What Happened in ecommerce, We Have It All
  Topics : Economic News | Fun stuff | Supply Chain Trends
July 21, 2023Top Supply Chain Stories by Month in1H 2023
For a Change, it was a Relatively Calm Six Months
  Topics : Fun stuff | Supply Chain Trends | Supply Chain
July 17, 2023The Future of Sustainability: Four Fast-Emerging Trends
What's Coming Next for Sustainability: Mining, Oceans, Artificial Intelligence and Justice
  Topics : GREEN_WEB | Supply Chain Trends
July 05, 2023Supply Chain News: Share of Women as Chief Supply Chain Officers Grows to 26%
Latest Gartner Survey Shows Progress at All Levels of Roles within Companies
  Topics : Supply Chain studies | Supply chain thought leadership | Supply Chain Trends
June 29, 2023State of the Logistics Union 2023 Part 2
Pondering the Great Logistics Reset, and Two New Special Topic Discussions
  Topics : Logistics | Supply Chain studies | Supply Chain Trends

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