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June 28, 2023Green Supply Chain News: 5 Tips for Starting an ESG Journey
New Sustainability Report from CIPS Offers ESG Advice, Interesting Survey Data
  Topics : Global supply chain | Supplier relationship management
September 27, 2022Supply Chain News: Schneider Electric Parlaying Ambitious Supplier CO2 Reduction Program into Industry Recognition
Received CIPS Award Last Week in UK, after Nearly Topping Gartner Top 25 Supply Chains List in May
  Topics : Green supply chain | Supplier relationship management
December 28, 2021HSBC, Walmart add Science-Based Targets to Supplier Financing Program
Decarbonizing This Level of Industry is Vital for Larger Businesses to Reach Net Zero and to Significantly Draw Down Carbon Emissions
  Topics : China | GREEN_WEB | Supplier relationship management | Wal-Mart
June 29, 2018Here's why Companies are Looking to Their Suppliers to Cut Carbon Footprints
By Requesting Data From Their Suppliers, Companies are Shining a Light on the Risks Hidden Deep Within Their Production Chains
  Topics : GREEN_WEB | Supplier relationship management
April 06, 2017Supply Chain Comment: Why Multi-Tier Supplier Collaboration is More Important Now
Establishing Solid Working Relationships with Every Layer of the Supplier base Facilitates Collaboration, Communication, and Clear Visibility
  Topics : Collaborative Planning | Forecasting | Replenishment | Supplier relationship management
September 29, 2016Supplier Integration and Collaboration: Four Steps to Getting your Partners On Board
Important Considerations for Choosing a Solution that your Partner Will Use
  Topics : Supplier relationship management | Supply Chain Integration
July 28, 2016The Expanded World of Supply Chain: Taking on Supplier and Customer Relations
Supplier and Customer Relations are Integral Elements of Effective Supply Chain Operations
  Topics : Customer satisfaction | Supplier relationship management | Supply chain thought leadership
November 19, 2015Supply Chain Comment: Achieving Higher-Value Supplier Relationships
Some Ways Technology can Help Companies Achieve a Strong ROI With Their SRM Programs
  Topics : Supplier relationship management
November 14, 2013eBook: How to Leverage SRM for Supply Chain Resiliency
This ebook provides Three Key Strategic approaches to Build and Maintain a lasting SRM practice that hinges on the Right Combination of Tools and Business Processes. Provided by TAKE Supply Chain.
  Topics : Supplier relationship management
November 13, 2013On-Demand Videocast: Impact of Vendor Performance on Retail Inventories
Outstanding Videocast that Explores the Impact of Vendor Performance in Terms of Lead Times, Fill Rates and Other Metrics on Retail Inventories and Out-of-Stocks.
  Topics : Consumer goods industry supply chain | Inventory management | Retail industry supply chain | Supplier relationship management

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