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Inventory Optimization
Subscriber Resource Page

The pressure to optimize inventory levels has never been greater - but the challenges are daunting.

"Inventory Optimization" is the goal - but just what does that mean? It's a strategy, as well as an exciting set of relatively new technology tools.

On this page, we provide a variety of resources to help you understand and improve inventory optimization practices.

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Inventory Optimization Resources and Information

Here you will find a variety of free resources available to subscribers of Supply Chain Digest or The Supply Chain Digest Letter.

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Inventory Optimization Case Studies

Inventory Optimization White Papers
Inventory Optimization Videos

Some of the "Best of Supply Chain Digest" - articles and columns on Inventory Optimization

Featured columns from other experts on this topic
Brochures from Inventory Optimization Solution Providers


Featured Articles on Inventory Optimization from SCDigest:

Featured Story:

Avoiding Inventory Pitfalls

It was all the way back in 1992 that Dr. Hau Lee of Stanford and Corey Billington, then of Hewlett-Packard, authored their classic article on "Managing Supply Chain Inventory: Pitfalls and Opportunities."

Read the full story

Other Inventory Optimization Articles:

Supply Chain Graphic of the Week - Inventory Optimization Hierarchy

What Are the Barriers to Adoption of Inventory Optimization Technology Tools?  

Order Promising is where the Supply and Demand Balancing really Intersect


Supply Chain Graphic of the Week - Steps to Improved Inventory Management


Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: Postponement Strategies and "The Long Tail"


Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: Prioritizing Customer Service by Product Classification

Inventory Management Challenges Continue  

Goodyear Finds New Insights to Inventory Management from Coping with Strike


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Inventory Optimization Thought Leaders Discussion:
Manhattan Associates' Rod Daugherty

SCDigest Editor Dan Gilmore discusses Inventory Optimization with expert Rod Daugherty of Manhattan Associates

Read the Interview Here

Inventory Optimization

Manhattan Associates' Inventory Optimization Overview

JDA Demand Management Solution for Manufacturing

Terra Technology Inventory Optimization Solutions Overview

JDA Assortment Planning Solution

Featured Inventory Optimization
Information and Resources

White Paper: Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization

Understanding the complexities and tools needed in managing inventory across multi-levels of the supply chain

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Inventory Optimization White Paper: Constraint-Based Synchronization

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Inventory Optimization Case Study: O’Reilly Auto Parts

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Featured Inventory Optimization Solutions
Manhattan Associates

Inventory Optimization Solutions

Inventory Optimization from Manhattan Associates enables you to see inventory across your entire network no matter how many channels, products or outlets you have. In addition, this powerful suite enables you to set channel-specific service levels so that Internet, call center and store orders can each be filled from the sources and at the times you determine.

Learn More

Inventory Optimization

JDA’s Network & Inventory Optimization solution provides strategic, end-to-end capabilities to evaluate, design and optimize your supply chain network, whether you are looking to expand your production and distribution network, or optimize your current network and inventory policies. The optimal inventory policies can be published to drive supply and replenishment planning without requiring custom installation or integration.

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Inventory Optimization Solutions

Terra Technology is the leading provider of demand sensing and inventory optimization solutions for consumer products companies

Learn More

Inventory Optimization
Thought Leadership


Inventory Optimization: Creating a Green Supply Chain

Reducing Network Inventory Levels Saves Hard Dollars While Making a Big Impact on Sustainability


Robert Byrne
Terra Technology

Read the full article here

Responding to Customer Demand with Advanced Inventory Optimization and Management Solutions

How Can Manufacturers Effectively Synchronize Demand, Logistics and Production to Mitigate Out-Of-Stocks and Excess Inventory And Respond Successfully to Consumer Demand Volatility?


David Johnston
Vice President
JDA Software

Read the full article here

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