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RFID News and Views
February 03, 2016RFID, AIDC, and IoT NEWS: Digimarc Scores Deal with GS1 to Distribute Its Unique Invisible Bar Code, While GS1 Aims to Build Consumer Information Repository
Will Operate as If UPC and QR Code were in One Invisible Symbol
  Topics : Automatic Data Collection | Consumer goods industry supply chain | Data collection/AIDC | Retail industry supply chain
January 11, 2016RFID, IoT, and AIDC News: Zebra Releases New Wireless Terminal with Dramatic New Design
More Wand-like Form Factor Reduces Movement, Can Deliver Double Digit Increase in Productivity, Zebra Says
  Topics : Automatic Data Collection | Data collection/AIDC | Distribution | Order picking
December 08, 2015RFID, IoT, and AIDC News: Datalogic Wins 2015 AIM Award for Applying High Speed Grocery Store Bar Code Scanner Portal to Returns Processing
Netherlands 3PL Simon Loos Automates Scanning of Returns from In-Store Displays
  Topics : Automatic Data Collection | Consumer goods industry supply chain | Data collection/AIDC | Retail industry supply chain | Reverse logistics/returns management
November 18, 2015RFID, IoT and AIDC News: Interesting Idea for Use of the Internet of Things in a Consumer Products Application
French Company Feeligreen has Cosmetics Applicators that Send Usage Information Back to Marketing and Product Development Teams
  Topics : Consumer goods industry supply chain | Internet of Things
November 03, 2015RFID, AIDC, and IoT News: Internet of Things Sits Atop Gartner's Emerging Technology Hype Cycle Curve
The IoT is Real, but Gartner Predicts We are in for Some Disillusionment Soon
  Topics : Internet of Things
October 20, 2015RFID, IoT and AIDC News: The Internet of Things - It Won't be Easy
Five Key Challenges IoT System Designers will have to Navigate
  Topics : Internet of Things
October 01, 2015RFID and AIDC News: Time to Get Your RFID Implant? Plus Levi's Pilot Success with Intel RFID Platform
Transhumanist Says RFID Implants are the Way to Go, While Levi Strauss Store Achieves Nearly 100% Inventory Acurracy
  Topics : Retail industry supply chain | RFID and Privacy | RFID software | RFID
September 15, 2015RFID and AIDC News: As RFID Tags and Readers Improve, Erroneous Reads become a Growing Problem Expert Says
Don't Think Smart Readers Alone Can Solve the Problem – It Takes Sophisticated Algorithms on the RFID Server
  Topics : Automatic Data Collection | Data collection/AIDC | RFID
September 02, 2015RFID and IoT News Round Up for Sept. 2, 2015
Do You Really Need a RFID-Blocking Wallet? How Will the Internet of Things Change Business? The Internet of Football?
  Topics : Internet of Things | RFID
August 17, 2015RFID and AIDC News: Is the Internet of Things More Hype than Reality?
New McKinsey Study Identifies where Value can Really be Created with IoT, Says Integration with Back-End Systems will be Key
  Topics : Internet of Things | RFID

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