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RFID News and Views
September 02, 2015RFID and IoT News Round Up for Sept. 2, 2015
Do You Really Need a RFID-Blocking Wallet? How Will the Internet of Things Change Business? The Internet of Football?
  Topics : Internet of Things | RFID
August 17, 2015RFID and AIDC News: Is the Internet of Things More Hype than Reality?
New McKinsey Study Identifies where Value can Really be Created with IoT, Says Integration with Back-End Systems will be Key
  Topics : Internet of Things | RFID
August 05, 2015RFID and AIDC News: Large Companies Plan Big Spending on the Internet of Things, but Definitional Issues Raise Some Questions about What is In and Out of IoT Realm
New Study from Tata Consulting Identifies the Seven Attributes of IoT Success Leaders
  Topics : Automatic Data Collection | Internet of Things | RFID
July 15, 2015RFID and AIDC News: Small Shoe Store Chain Peltz Decides to Publicly Dump RFID
Says Costs were Much Higher than Expected, Inventory Accuracy wasn't being Achieved, as it Goes Back to Bar Codes
  Topics : Retail industry supply chain | RFID
July 07, 2015RFID and AIDC News: Companies that Embrace Internet of Things Service Model will be the Winners, Harvard Business Blogger Says
Companies that See Only Cost and Complexity will Miss the Opportunity, IoT Expert Weichselbaum Says
  Topics : RFID
June 17, 2015I, RFID Robot
Tesco Stores Piloting New Robot to Roam Apparel Aisles and Read Item-Level Tags
  Topics : Retail industry supply chain | RFID
June 02, 2015RFID and AIDC News: Auburn Cuts Ribbon on New RFID Lab Moved there in Spirit Last Year from University of Arkansas
Amazon Commits to RFID Research at Grand Opening
  Topics : RFID
May 19, 2015RFID and AIDC News: Target Stores Latest to Jump on Item-Level RFID Bandwagon
Will Rollout First Systems Later this Year, with Full Store Rollout Sometime in 2016
  Topics : Retail industry supply chain | RFID
May 07, 2015RFID and AIDC News: Northwestern University Researchers Claim Breakthrough in Invisible Inks to Thwart Counterfeiting
Unique Color Patterns Function as Code Known Only to the Brand Company
  Topics : Automatic Data Collection
April 21, 2015RFID and AIDC News: New Chipless RFID Tag Could Transform the Industry
Printable RFID has Long Been a Goal, and May Finally be Coming into its Own; Monash University Claims Major Breakthrough
  Topics : Automatic Data Collection | RFID

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