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July 28, 2014Supply Chain News: How is US Manufacturing Doing Six Years after the Great Recession? (Part 2)
Wide Disperity in Fortunes of Different Sectors, even as Overall US Output Finally on Cusp of Exceeding 2007 Levels
  Topics : Manufacturing
July 21, 2014Supply Chain News: How is US Manufacturing Doing Six Years after the Great Recession?
Total Manufacturing Output Almost Back to Peak 2007 Levels, but Progress Varies Widely by Sector
  Topics : Manufacturing
July 16, 2014Supply Chain News: California Experience with Advanced Manufacturing Tells the Sad Tale Relative to Jobs
Mirroring National Trends, Output in State has Surged, while Number of Manufacturing Jobs Continues to Decline
  Topics : Manufacturing
June 25, 2014Supply Chain News: Global Manufacturing Cost Competitiveness by Country Continues to Change, New Boston Consulting Group Study Finds
China, Brazil ''Under Pressure'' Report Says, While US and Mexico Claimed as Rising Stars
  Topics : Manufacturing | Outsourcing/offshoring | Supply chain costs | Supply Chain studies
June 04, 2014SCDigest, MIT Supply Chain Forum Again Partner on Study to Gauge Extent of US Reshoring Trend
2012 Study Showed Reasonably Strong Plans to Keep or Return Production Work to US - How Has Dynamic Changed Over the Past Two Years?
  Topics : Manufacturing | Outsourcing/offshoring
May 05, 2014Supply Chain News: When it Comes to Reshoring, Detailed Planning and Expectation Setting is Key, Otis Elevators Learns the Hard Way
Ballyhood Move Back to US from Mexico Ran into Very Bumpy Road; Need to Ensure the Skilled Labor Needed is Present in New Factory Area
  Topics : Manufacturing | Outsourcing/offshoring | Supply chain risk
April 23, 2014Supply Chain News: NLRB Holds Hearings on Microwave Election Rules, while UAW Drops Volkswagen Vote Appeal
New Voting Changes Certain to Pass (Again), but Court Challenge Likely; Was UAW Afraid of a Second Loss?
  Topics : Manufacturing
April 07, 2014Supply Chain News: In Surprising News, Toyota is Replacing Robots with Humans
Concern about Losing Craftsmanship Causes Change of Direction; Can Robotics be an Inhibitor of Continuous Improvement?
  Topics : Auto industry supply chain | Lean | Manufacturing
March 19, 2014Supply Chain News: It's not Over Until It's Over, as NLRB Reviewing Circumstances of Failed Union Vote at Volkswagen Factory in Tennessee
Situation getting More Complicated, but Order for New Vote, if it Comes, Likely Months Off
  Topics : Auto industry supply chain | Manufacturing
March 05, 2014Supply Chain News: Manufacturing Recovery Continues On - but Varies Dramatically by Sector
US Likely to Finally Exceed 2007 Production Levels this Year, but Most Industries Still Lag
  Topics : Manufacturing

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