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October 16, 2019Supply Chain News: Record Breaking 3D Printer Produces 5000 Pound Boat
Largest 3D Printed Object Ever, Can Go much Bigger
  Topics : Manufacturing
September 24, 2019Supply Chain News: Apparel CEO Says Pressure Rising to Move Production Back to US
American Giant Still Produces only Domestically, Hopes Quality Beats Lower Price for Imported Goods
  Topics : Manufacturing | Outsourcing/offshoring
August 26, 2019Supply Chain News: Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing
Opportunities are Huge, New Report from MAPI Says, but Manufacturers Just Getting Started
  Topics : Manufacturing | Supply Chain Trends
August 14, 2019Supply Chain News: Lean and Profit and Loss at Toyota
Toyota Attacks Costs, but in a Different Way than US Companies
  Topics : Lean | Manufacturing | Supply chain costs
July 23, 2019Supply Chain News: Which US States are Best for Manufacturing 2019?
Indiana Again Tops the List, as SCDigest Turns Letter Grades into Numeric Score from Ball State Data
  Topics : Manufacturing | Supply Chain studies
July 01, 2019Supply Chain News: Oxford Economics Says Robots Benefits will Outweigh Cons
20 Million in Job Losses from Robots in Manufacturing, but Increased Productivity will Drive More Economic Growth
  Topics : Manufacturing | Supply Chain studies | Supply Chain Trends
June 17, 2019Supply Chain News: UAW Losing Streak at Foreign Auto Plants Continues, as Workers Say No to Union at Volkswagen Plant for Second Time
Vote was Close, but Once again VW Workers Say No to Organizing
  Topics : Web News
June 05, 2019Supply Chain News: Building Skills Needed for Industry 4.0
Digitization Initiatives in Manufacturing Can be Wasted if Employees aren't Ready to Leverage
  Topics : Internet of Things | Manufacturing
May 16, 2019Supply Chain News: Kanban as A Learning Strategy Part 2
Maybe Strategy is Best Achieved through Lean Execution
  Topics : Lean | Manufacturing
April 29, 2019Supply Chain News: Kanban as A Learning Strategy
Maybe Strategy is Best Achieved through Lean Execution
  Topics : Lean | Manufacturing | Supply chain strategy

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