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May 19, 2015Supply Chain News: PPG Executive on Policies to Help US Manufacturing to Succeed
High US Corporate Tax Rates are an Issue, Bryan Iams Says, but Trade Ageements, Immigration Reform and More Also Need
  Topics : Manufacturing
May 07, 2015Supply Chain News: Start-Up to Locate 100 3D Printers Inside UPS Hub
CloudDDM Starting with 100 Printers In-Line, Could Grow to 1000, as Process is Highly Automated
  Topics : Manufacturing
April 14, 2015Supply Chain News: United Nations says China Remains Number 1 in Manufacturing, as US Stays in Second Place, but Share is Shrinking
China Averaged Astounding 11% Annual Growth in Units Produced for Past Decade; US saw 1.3% Average Increase
  Topics : China | Global supply chain | Manufacturing
April 07, 2015Supply Chain News: Linking New Product Development and Production through Lean
From Victim to Partner: The Evolution of a Manufacturing Development System
  Topics : Lean | Manufacturing
March 26, 2015Supply Chain News: Auto Parts Plant Near Detroit Seems to have Made it to the Other Side after Near Death Experience
Introduction of Lean Key - as is Much Lower Wages for Workers
  Topics : Manufacturing
March 09, 2015Supply Chain News: Ashley Furniture Keeps Making Many Products in US, with Push to Succeed in China
Striking the Right Balance between Imports and Domestic Production
  Topics : Manufacturing | Outsourcing/offshoring
February 25, 2015Supply Chain News Makers Video Series: Just What is "Smart Manufacturing?"
IDC Manufacturing Insights Analyst Bob Parker Discusses Smart Manufacturing with Supply Chain Digest Editor Dan Gilmore
  Topics : Manufacturing | Metrics/Performance measurement
January 28, 2015Supply Chain News: Leveraging the Overall Equipment Effectiveness Metric to Drive Manufacturing Improvement
IDC Manufacturing Insights Presents its Take on Measure First Developed in 1960s, Says It is Key Aspect of Smart Manufacturing
  Topics : Manufacturing | Metrics/Performance measurement
January 14, 2015Supply Chain News: New Report Claims Touted US Manufacturing Renaissance Mostly a Mirage
Most of Recent Growth in Output and Jobs is Cyclical, not Structural; Cheerleading Obfuscates Need for Policy Change
  Topics : Manufacturing | Outsourcing/offshoring | Supply Chain studies
January 06, 2015Supply Chain News: As Expected, NLRB Approves Microwave Elections, Makes Other Rule Changes that Favor Unionization Efforts
Most Significant Change to US Labor Law in Decades, as Business Groups Mount Legal Challenge in Federal Court
  Topics : Manufacturing | Supply chain costs

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