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December 07, 2017Supply Chain Comment: Fast Isn't the Only Factor
The Importance of Cost, Quality and Innovation Can't be Understated
  Topics : Product development/introduction | Supply chain and the IT function/technology | Supply chain thought leadership
October 18, 2012Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: Getting Smart about Product Design
Many Manufacturers Can Reduce Product Costs, but Only Correctly Through Collaboration with Marketing and the Supply Chain
  Topics : Manufacturing | Product development/introduction | Supply chain costs
August 08, 2012Logistics News: Does SKU Proliferation Combined With Shorter Product Life Cycle Complicate The EOQ Calculation?
For Retailers - a Major Concern is How Much Inventory is Enough without Being Too Much
  Topics : Distribution | Product development/introduction
April 11, 2012Revolutionizing Sustainable Product Design
How Leading Companies Like Kraft & Puma are Using Life Cycle Assessments to Drive Product Innovation
  Topics : GREEN_WEB | Product development/introduction
October 14, 2009Logistics News: Material Handling Industry Front and Center at G-20 Summit
G-20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Learn About Advances in Supply Chain Logistics and Material Handling Technology
  Topics : Material handling automation | Product development/introduction
May 19, 2005Offshoring Continues to Generate Patent and Intellectual Property Issues
It's well understood that moving to offshore design or production models carries intellectual property risks, but a recent article from the Economics Intelligence Unit, a research company, says there are risks for offshorers if their suppliers are pilfering the IP of others.
  Topics : China | Global sourcing | Outsourcing/offshoring | Product development/introduction | Supply chain risk
March 17, 2005Now We're Outsourcing R&D
Provocative cover story article in this week's Business Week magazine on the growing trend of U.S. companies to not only outsource manufacturing, but increasingly product design as well – and how this strategy may create substantial risk to those companies down the road.
  Topics : Global sourcing | Global supply chain | Product development/introduction | Supply chain risk
May 25, 2004American Productivity and Quality Center Offers New "Open" Benchmarking Tool
The American Productivity and Quality Center's (APQC - a Houston-based non-profit organization), announced last week of a new "open" benchmarking service. The idea seems to be that companies will pool their expertise and agree on a standard set of definitions for literally hundreds of performance metrics across product development, purchasing, supply chain management, logistics, etc., using industry representatives to harmonize these metric definitions across vertical industries.
  Topics : Benchmarking | Benchmarking | Project management | Project management | Logistics | Metrics/Performance measurement | Product development/introduction

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