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May 01, 2017The Nuances of Getting the Customer Service Metric Right
Michael Watson says he is seeing clients with many questions about how to best measure customer service
  Topics : Customer satisfaction | Metrics/Performance measurement
July 28, 2016The Expanded World of Supply Chain: Taking on Supplier and Customer Relations
Supplier and Customer Relations are Integral Elements of Effective Supply Chain Operations
  Topics : Customer satisfaction | Supplier relationship management | Supply chain thought leadership
March 16, 2016Logistics News : Is 100% Customer Satisfaction Achievable & Sustainable?
A 99.9% Accuracy Rate Still Disappoints One Customer in a Hundred
  Topics : Customer satisfaction | Distribution
September 10, 2014Logistics News: Great Customer Service Depends on Quick & Easy Access To Stored Products
Storage Systems must Support Sales Objectives
  Topics : Customer satisfaction | Distribution | Warehouse design
July 16, 2014Logistics News: Improve Customer Service By Adopting A Focused Approach
Avoiding the "Wrecking Ball" Saves Time & Money
  Topics : Customer satisfaction | Distribution
June 04, 2014Logistics News: Managing Customer Orders At The Speed Of The Internet
In the Future Will Retailers Know what you Need before you do?
  Topics : Customer satisfaction | Distribution | Order management
December 04, 2013Logistics News: Changing Shopper Dynamics Drives The Need For More Shipping Options
Understand the Factors Leading to Increased Challenges for Small Parcel Shipping
  Topics : Customer satisfaction | Parcel shipping/parcel systems
March 20, 2013Logistics News: When It Comes To Customer Satisfaction - There Is No Such Thing As Over Achieving!
A 99.9% Order Accuracy Rate Still Disappoints One Customer in a Hundred
  Topics : Customer satisfaction | Distribution
November 29, 2011HBR Classic: Staple Yourself to an Order
The original Harvard Business Review article from 1992, on Stapling Yourself to an Order, by Ben Shapiro and others
  Topics : Customer satisfaction | Order management | Supply chain excellence
November 16, 2011On Demand Videocast: Multi-Objective Optimization Technology To Address Options for Flexible, Customer Centric Supply Chains
How to Leverage Network Design and Sourcing to Create the Ideal Value Chain for Your Customers, Partners, and Organization. Featuring Dr. Michael S. Watson, Ph.D., Optimization & Supply Chain Team Lead, IBM.
  Topics : Customer satisfaction | Supply chain excellence

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