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December 22, 20172017: The Year Europe Got Serious About Killing The Internal Combustion Engine
Range Limitations on Electric Vehicles Have Mattered Less in Densely-Packed Europe Than in the Wide-Open Spaces of the U.S.
  Topics : Auto industry supply chain | GREEN_WEB
September 30, 2017China Pushes Electric Car Plan Back To 2019
Originally Scheduled to go Into Effect on January 1, 2018 Resulted in Complaints From the Auto Industry That the Date was too Ambitious
  Topics : Auto industry supply chain | China | GREEN_WEB
September 10, 2017China Fossil Fuel Deadline Shifts Focus to Electric Car Race
Joins Countries Such as the U.K. and France Seeking to Phase out Vehicles Using Gasoline and Diesel
  Topics : Auto industry supply chain | China | GREEN_WEB
June 13, 2017Supply Chain by Design: What Toyota, Schneider National, PayPal, and Palantir Got Right
A Lesson to Keep in Mind in the age of Artificial Intelligence is That Combining People With Technology can Give Better Results
  Topics : Auto industry supply chain | Benchmarking | Project management | Benchmarking | Project management | Material handling automation | Network design/optimization | Supply chain excellence | Supply Chain Innovation | Supply chain transformation
December 02, 2016Why You Should Care about Low Carbon Fuels and Vehicle Initiatives
Countries are Responding With Initiatives Requiring Biofuels Blending, Electrification, Other Alternative Fuels and Tough Fuel Standards
  Topics : Auto industry supply chain | GREEN_WEB
November 29, 2016Chevrolet, GMC Expand Alternative Fuel Fleets
Expanding Choice is Key: "There are no 'One Size Fits All' Solutions for Fleet Managers"
  Topics : Auto industry supply chain | GREEN_WEB | Trucking
August 18, 2016GM Plant Will Save Millions of Dollars by Capturing Rainwater
Project Moves GM Closer to its Goal of Reducing Water Intensity by 15 Percent by 2020
  Topics : Auto industry supply chain | GREEN_WEB | Water Usage
August 11, 2016What VW's Settlement Means for Green Trucking Efforts
Settlement Could Result in a Financial Windfall for Sustainable Trucking
  Topics : Auto industry supply chain | GREEN_WEB | Trucking
August 03, 2016Supply Chain News: Is Tesla Gigafactory Revolutionizing How to Think about Manufacturing?
The Factory Itself is the Machine that Builds the Machine
  Topics : Auto industry supply chain | Green supply chain | Manufacturing | Supply chain thought leadership
July 20, 2016Supply Chain News: Ford Testing Collaborative Robots on Factory Floor
In Cologne, Germany Plant, Workers Put Shock Absorbers in Place, and Robot Does the Rest
  Topics : Auto industry supply chain | Manufacturing

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