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Distribution News and Views
July 23, 2018Supply Chain News: US Market for Warehouse Space Remains Red Hot, with Availability at Near Record Lows
Q2 Market Analysis from CBRE Shows Rate Increases of Greater than 4% for Each Quarter Starting in Q2 2016
  Topics : Distribution | Logistics costs | Logistics
July 17, 2018Supply Chain Newsmakers Video Series: IDCs John Santagate on Mobile Robots in Distribution
His take on how adoption of mobile robots in distribution is going
  Topics : Distribution | Order picking
July 10, 2018Supply Chain News: Is Amazon Treatment of Fulfillment Center Workers Unfair?
No Clear Answers after Author Makes Allegations, as Seattle Times Reporter Also Takes a Look
  Topics : | Distribution
June 28, 2018Home Depot and the Arc of Today's Supply Chains
Tons of Activity at Home Products Giant, but Here Comes $1.2 Billion More in Investment to Support eFulfillment
  Topics : e-fulfillment | ecommerce | Retail industry supply chain | Supply chain transformation | Supply Chain Trends
June 20, 2018Supply Chain News: The Future of Distribution Automation, It Seems, is Here Right Now
New DC in China Processes 200,000 eCommerce Orders per Day - with Just Four Workers
  Topics : Distribution | e-fulfillment | Material handling automation | Order picking
May 30, 2018Supply Chain News: Market for DC Labor has Changed Dramatically, Workforce Expert Says
Brian Devine of ProLogistix Shares DC Worker Survey Data at Recent WERC Conference
  Topics : Distribution | Logistics costs | Logistics | Managing effectively
May 30, 2018Sorting It Out: Shippers Looking To Increase System Capacity Are Surprised To Find It May Already Exist!
Uncovering Built-in System Capacity
  Topics : Distribution | Supply chain thought leadership
May 23, 2018Sorting It Out: For Shippers - Benefits Of Real-Time Control In The DC Are Huge!
Keeping Customer Orders Flowing in a Seamless Operation
  Topics : Distribution
May 17, 2018Supply Chain News: Target Testing Extreme New Lean-Oriented Store Replenishment Model with "Flow Centers"
Many Items will be Replenished as Eaches, not Cases, Reducing Storage Needs
  Topics : Distribution | e-fulfillment | ecommerce | Retail industry supply chain
May 09, 2018Sorting It Out: Productivity is a Crucial Factor in Measuring Production Performance
When Considering Automation Shippers need to Understand Rate VS Productivity Metric
  Topics : Distribution | Supply chain excellence

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