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Supply Chain Visibility Information and Resources Page

On this page, we provide a variety of information and resources on the critical topic of Supply Chain Visibility.


Articles, video, white papers, reports, supply chain solutions, expert commentary - you will find it all here for Supply Chain Visibility.


Zip File of Supply Chain Visibility Resources


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Focus on Supply

Chain Visibility

Featured SCDigest Articles and Video
on Supply Chain Visibility
Recommendations for Supply Chain Visibility Success

Supply Chain Thought Leadership Video Series: Building a Powerful Global Supply Chain Visibility Platform at Levis

Discrete Manufacturers Forced to take Supply Chain Visibility from Wish List to Reality in 2012

The Next Big Thing: Multi-Tier Supply Chain Management

RFID and AIDC News: The Seven Reasons RFID will Eventually Win in the Supply Chain

Are Supply Chain Visibility and Collaboration the Key Drivers of Profitable Growth Today? (Part 2)

Are Supply Chain Visibility and Collaboration the Key Drivers of Profitable Growth Today?

Can JIT and Global Sourcing Strategies Co-exist?

Supply Chain News: Recession Showed the Bullwhip Effect in Action, Arizona State Researchers Say

XBox Live is the Future of Supply Chain

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A Supply Chain Visibility Thought Leaders Discussion


SCDigest Editor Dan Gilmore recently sat down to discuss a number of issues related to Supply Chain Visibility with Greg Holder of Compliance Networks


Read the Interview Here


Three Ways You’re Throwing
Away Money in Your Global
Supply Chain

by Stephanie Miles

Senior Vice President, Commercial
Services, Amber Road

Read the Expert Column Here


Five Points for Getting Value
from Visibility Solutions

by Chris Jones


EVP Marketing & Services

Descartes Systems

Read the Expert Column Here


Supply Chain Visibility Solution Zone

See Resources Below


Learn More about Compliance Networks' Compliance Management and Visibility Solutions

Actionable intelligence for informed supply chain decisions from Compliance Networks


Download the Solution Brochure Now

Learn More about Amber Roads' Supply Chain Visibility Solutions

Supply Chain Visibility for Importers and Exporters

Download the Solution Brochure Now



Supply Chain Digest Letter on Supply Chain Visibility 2012

Not be missed!

16-pages of detailed information and insight.


White Papers and Case Studies

picSupply Chain News: Amazon under Government Scrutiny over Vendor Treatment, More
In Interesting Twist, Current FTC Chair is Famous for Paper Critical of Amazon Market Power
picWhite Paper: Logistics Flow Control
Gaining Command of the Inbound Supply Chain. Provided by Descartes.
picVisibility White Paper: Key Strategies for Automating the Import Supply Chain
Global Trade Management Technologies Drive Performance Improvement and Cost Savings
picVisibility Case Study: Glazers
Major Foods Distributor Achieves Significant Operational Improvement with New Visibility System
picBurlington Coat Factory Case Study
Burlington Coat Factory Benefits from Lean Supply Chain Improvements Through Vendor Collaboration
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Visibility in the Consumer Goods

to Retail  Supply Chain:
Managing the PO Lifecycle


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eBook: Three Common Global Supply Chain Issues that Affect Your Bottom Line

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When retailers need to rapidly improve profitability and merchandise flow they rely on Compliance Networks. Our solutions optimize supply chain execution.

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Amber Road’s Supply Chain Visibility solution
provides companies with the tools and expertise to consistently track and manage orders, shipments, and inventory across all your extended global trading partners and locations.


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Uniting People and Technology
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