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Supply Chain Thought Leadership Video Series:
Vendor Compliance Management Outside Soft Goods Retail



Dec. 2, 2019

Vendor Compliance Management has been around for more than two decades, but such programs have primarily been seen in soft goods retail, whether that is department stores or speciality retailers.

There has been adoption in some other retail sectors, including home goods and drug stores - but now it seems poised to gain traction in sectors outside of traditional retail, including grocery stores, wholesale distributors and more.


In this excellent Supply Chain Thought Leaders video discussion, Richard Wilhjelm of Traverse Systems - a provider of compliance management and visibility solutions - gives a brief overview of what Vendor Compliance Management all about, what's driving its expansion into other sectors, and what companies outside of traditional retail need to consider.


The fast-paced discussion, led by SCDigest editor Dan Gilmore, is not to be missed by companies in any sector interested in Vendor Compliance Management programs and tools.


Please view this short discussion now.


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