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Demand Planning and Forecasting Resources Page

On this page, you will find a wealth of information regarding Demand Planning and Forecasting concepts, best practices, tools, and solutions.

That includes our Supply Chain Digest Letter on Demand Planning 2009, an electronic copy of which is available for download. It is 16 pages of information and insight on Demand Planning.

Visit often for the latest news and information on Demand Planning and Forecasting. You will find it all right here.

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Our Best Demand
Planning Articles


Gilmore's First Thoughts -Coming on Friday

bullet Do You Need to Do More to “Sense” Customer Demand?

bullet How Do Forecasting Processes Need to Change in Tough and More Dynamic Times?

bullet Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: Factors Impacting Demand Variability

bullet The Eight Steps of the Forecasting Process Using Demand Planning Software

bullet Improved Internal and External Collaboration Key to Improved Forecasting Results

bullet Using Incentives to Drive Forecast Collaboration

Planning Resources

bullet Supply Chain Digest Letter on Demand Planning

bullet SCigest Letter on Sales and Operations Planning

bullet Case Study: Heinz Gets to One Number Forecasting

bullet Demand Planning Case Study: Lance Foods

bullet Demand Planning Case Study: Tyson Foods

bullet Demand Planning Case Study: Intertape Polymers Group

Download it right now. 16-pages of detailed information and insight!

Latest Demand Planning Articles

Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: The Most Common S&OP Pitfalls
Cutting Through the Usual Blah, Blah, Blah, Rowan Novak of Procter & Gamble South Africa Gets Real about Barriers to Success
Supply Chain News: Goya Foods Shows Path to Success for Mid-Market Companies from New Supply Chain Planning Tools
Out of Stocks Reduced by 60%; As Software Gets Easier, will More Mid-Market Companies Upgrade their Supply Chain Tool Sets?
Supply Chain News: In Which Direction is Your S&OP Process Biased?
One Question that is Infrequently asked and even less Frequently Answered is Whether the S&OP Process is Consistently Biased in one Direction or Another
Supply Chain News: Using Structured Analogies to Forecast New Product Introductions
Demand Planner Judgement will Always Play Role, but Structuring the Process can Focus Reduce the Chance for Bias to Impact Forecast
Forecasting New Products by Structured Analogy
Full text article from the Journal of Business Forecasting.
Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: Decomposing Demand
Effective Use of Causal Factors has been Elusive - but That is Changing; More Accurate Forecasts - and the Potential to Increase Demand through Better Insight

Demand Planning White Papers/Reports

The SCDigest Letter on Demand Planning
The electronic version of the Supply Chain Digest Letter on Demand Planning 2009. 16 pages of information and insight.
Forecasting Product Sales with Dynamic Linear Mixture Models
Sun Microsystems researchers look at Bayesian Dynamic Linear Models for forecasting high tech products will volatile demand
Can You Market a Hole on the Shelf?
The Case for a Shopper-Aligned Supply Chain
Managing Demand Volatility: A Look at What Progressive Retailers are Doing
Retailers are Changing their Approach to Demand Management
Solving the $100 Billion Retail Sales Execution Challenge
Consumer products companies are achieving 1-2% sales lift with new solutions that predict and prevent lost sales at the shelf.
Utilizing Multiple Forecasting Methods
To ensure optimal demand forecasting, those in distribution-intensive industries must capitalize on using the most appropriate forecasting model and methods that best serve the unique dynamics of their business.

Expert Insight

Karin Bursa, Logility

Time to Enhance Demand Planning is Now

The Need For A Synchronized Demand-Driven Supply Chain Becomes Even More Critical



Eric Peters, TrueDemand

Executing to True Demand

It Is More critical Than Ever That The Product Is On The Shelf, In The Right Condition, At The Right Place And Priced To Meet Consumer Demand


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Video Topic: Demand Planning Trends

SCDigest Editor Dan Gilmore with David Johnston of JDA Software

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