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June 2, 2009
This Week
Global Supply Chain and Logistics: Solving the Ocean Booking Problem

distributionDistribution and Material Handling Focus
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CDC Supply Chain

Featured Story

Substantial Improvements for New Generation of Wearable Data Collection Terminals for Distribution Center Applications

totes Isotoner makes the Switch for Pallet Building Process; Key Evaluation Criteria

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Is Your Distribution Management Team Preparing for Card Check Law Potential?

From Consultants to Automation, Many Companies Already Taking Action and Thinking Strategy


Holste on the Merger of Intelligrated and FKI Logistex

Long-Rumored Deal Almost Died but Came Together this Week;

Intelligrated Expands Product Line, gets Systems Integrator Channel

transportation Transportation Management Focus
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Featured Story

Cargo Thieves Getting More Aggressive and Sophisticated

Mexican Situation Getting Extreme; 40 Attacks since 2008 for Third Largest Steel Maker

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The Transportation Load Control Center Continues to Evolve

Many Companies Now Morphing Traditional LCC to “Shared Services” Model

supply Supply Chain Trends and Issues Focus
Category Sponsor: CSCMP

Featured Story

The Seven Timeless Challenges of Supply Chain Management

University of Tennessee’s Paul Dittmann says Many of Our Current Supply Chain Challenges have been around for Awhile

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In a Period of Falling Demand and Supply Chain Complexity, Lack of Visibility May have Exacerbated Economic Downturn

A Type of Reverse Bullwhip Effect Caused Many High-Tech Manufacturers to Slash Inventory Levels Much Faster than Drop in Demand

RFID RFID and Auto ID Focus

Featured Story

New University of Arkansas Study on Item-Level Apparel Tagging Interesting, but Cause-Effect Relationships Not Clear

96 Percent Faster Cycle Count in Store? Thawing Out "Frozen" SKUs

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Will RFID Software be the Driver of the Market and User Adoption?

Like Bar Code before it, Hardware Focus Fades; More Software Needed that Takes Real Advantage of RFID-based Process Innovation?

Leverage Your Existing Wireless Networks to
Do More and Reduce Operating Costs

manufacturing Manufacturing Focus

Featured Story

From Basic Misunderstanding of the Principles to Mediocre Consultants, be Aware of these Obstacles that can Foul Up Lean Initiatives

An Excerpt from our Recent Supply Chain Digest Letter on Lean Manufacturing

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Consumer Products Safety Commission Denies NAM Petition to Delay Child Safety Labeling

A Nightmare for Manufacturers? CPSIA Continues March Forward, Regardless of Logic


Quickly Reduce Manufacturing and Logistics Costs with Dynamic Safety Stock Optimization

global Global Supply Chain and Logistics Focus

June 9, 2009


Labor Management Strategies
for Emerging Economic
and Political Realities

Featured Story

Solving the Ocean Booking Problem

One of the Last Areas of Logistics to be Automated Seeing Increasing Interest; INTTRA Portal among Solutions Seeing Strong Interest by Shippers/Importers

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What's Going to Happen to "The China Price?"

After Years of Upward Pressure, Now a Retreat, as Buyers Gain Upper Hand; How Long will it Last?

sourcing Sourcing and Procurement Focus


The Power of Global
Order Management
in the Service Parts
Supply Chain

Featured Story

Sourcing and Procurement Managers Seeing Compensation Still Rising

Annual ISM Study Says Overall Salaries Rose 6.8 Percent in 2008; Is there a Real Gender Gap?

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The Supplier Conundrum in Tough Times – Reducing Buyer Risk can out Troubled Supplier over the Edge

“Unvirtuous Cycle” needs to be Monitored Closely

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