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May 5, 2009
This Week
Global Supply Chain and Logistics: What's Going to Happen to "The China Price?"

supply Supply Chain Trends and Issues Focus
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Do You Need to Do More to "Sense" Customer Demand?

Lag Time in Converting POS Data to Inventory and Deployment Planning is Costly, Says Lora Cecere of AMR

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Is Now a Smart Time to Relook at Outsourcing Contracts?

May be Opportunity for Shippers and Manufacturers to Reduce Costs, but Meat Cleaver Won't Work, Says Tyndall

distributionDistribution and Material Handling Focus
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CDC Supply Chain

Featured Story

Can Manufacturers Successfully Execute Cross-Dock Strategies?

Merge-In-Transit, DC Bypass are Becoming More Common, but True Cross Dock Remains a Challenge

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What's the Opportunity for Automating Case Picking in Distribution?

New Report and Survey from SCDigest to Analyze Opportunity and Solutions; One Bottler Uses New Technology to Build Store-Ready Pallets, Reduce Picking from Side-Loaded Trucks


Over the last few years, the materials handling market has seen a great increase in solutions designed to automate the case picking process. We are trying to better understand how companies view the importance of case picking in distribution, and the level of interest companies have in adopting automated case picking technology.

The survey is very short - just 10 brief questions, plus a few demographic questions.

All valid respondents will receive a copy of the report, expected to be completed in the May/June timeframe.

transportation Transportation Management Focus
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Featured Story

Talent Management Becoming Key to Transportation Success

Need for New and Broader Skills in the Middle and the Top Key Challenge for Transportation Management, Caplice of MIT Says; from Hard to Soft Skills

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Just How Well Do You Know the Transportation Industry?

Take our Quiz to Show Your Prowess!

RFID RFID and Auto ID Focus
May 20, 2009

Featured Story

RFID News and Comment for the Week of May 5, 2009

EPCGlobal gets Consultative; Conair Broadly Deploys RFID, Creates New Solutions Company; RFID Growth Predicted, but Supply Chain Apps Still Lag

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Will Green Supply Chain be Key Catalyst in RFID Growth?

Several Green Strategies will be Well Supported by RFID, Continuing Questions around Recycling and RFID

Leverage Your Existing Wireless
Networks to Do More and
Reduce Operating Costs

manufacturing Manufacturing Focus
May 12, 2009

Featured Story

Understanding Buyer-Vendor Inventory Options

Traditional Models Include Buyer Managed, Vendor Managed, and Vendor Owned Inventories; New 3PL-Based Adaptations Coming?

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Lean Thinking was Forged in Similar Economic Times

Toyota Managers Dealt with Financial Challenges Systematically; the Science of Lean


Quickly Reduce Manufacturing
and Logistics Costs with Dynamic
Safety Stock Optimization

global Global Supply Chain and Logistics Focus

May 19, 2009


The Next Generation
Supply Chain: Integrated
Planning & Execution

Part 2: Achieving the Vision

Featured Story

What's Going to Happen to "The China Price?"

After Years of Upward Pressure, Now a Retreat, as Buyers Gain Upper Hand; How Long will it Last?

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Import Transit Times Taking Longer? Ships Take Foot off Pedal, Use the Slow Path, to Reduce Costs

Facing Double-Digit Drops in Volumes, Ocean Carriers do what they Can to Weather the Storm, Cruising at Half Speed

sourcing Sourcing and Procurement Focus
Category Sponsor: SCTV  


The Power of Global
Order Management
in the Service Parts
Supply Chain

Featured Story

Just How Hard Should You Pressure Suppliers for Price Cuts During Downturn?

Procter & Gamble Exec Says Unilateral Demand for Concessions are Bad Business, While BP Looks for "Deflation" in its Supply Chain

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Should Negotiating Skills be a Core Corporate Competency?

It's Beyond Individual Skill, New Book Says; HP Broadens Procurement Metrics

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