Expert Insight: Gilmore's Daily Jab
By Dan Gilmore
Date: Nov. 23, 2010

Exciting New Home Page Look at Supply Chain Digest


The Challenge is Fitting All of Our Articles and Other Content on One Page; New Innovations Coming in 2011

If you are reading this, it is likely you have already seen our new look SCDigest home page. I will admit full bias, but I think it gives SCDigest by far the best look and value for supply chain and logistics professionals in the industry. I would argue we were already there, but this look makes it much better still.

In a sense the redesign, which has been going on for months, took longer than it should. That was mostly the result of two factors:

1. We just have so much information and content that getting it all on the home page is extremely difficult - in fact, we can't get all we want on there, but we've gotten mighty close.

2. Achieving that took several iterations to get right. We could and almost did "satisfice" with layouts that were really good but not quite optimal. But too the sometimes irriation of our webmaster, we kept tweaking and tweaking. Think the end results were worth it.

In addition to a fresh new look and additional ease of access to information and resources, a major addition to is a constantly updated section of articles and other information from web sources. Try as we do, we just can't keep up writing our own articles on all the news of potential interest to our readers. This new web news section will give you timely, sometimes hourly updates of important or interesting news amd insight.

It is a another reason to visit regularly - you'll totally stay up to speed through a combination of our own extensive coverage and opinion plus the best of the news from the web.

And I really mean the best - some sites just automatically post certain links that meet defined categories, and the result is always a lot of boring or unimportant stories and links. Many others rely heavily on vendor announcements.

We scour the supply chain and logistics universe and publish only the web news that we think is of real value. Sometimes that will be vendor news, but usually not, as you can see from  the content there currently. It takes real editing sense to get this right.

Starting next week, our news and most other pages will also receive a new look based on the home page theme.

I am happy to say we aren't resting on our laurels - we have some even more exciting things coming in 2011, continuing our industry leading-innovation in even more novel ways.

Some, I must say, will be very cool.

If you have any ideas for improvement, please send them my way.


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Dan Gilmore is the editor of Supply Chain Digest.

Gilmore Says:

I am happy to say we aren't resting on our laurels - we have some even more exciting things coming in 2010, continuing our industry leading-innovation in even more novel ways.

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