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Focus on Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)
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Sales and Operations Planning is one of the hottest areas for supply chain improvement right now - and that's no surprise.

S&OP is at the heart of balancing supply and demand, and aligning the company around a common financial, demand and supply plan.

On this page, we provide a variety of resources to help you understand and successfully implement Sales and Operations Planning processes,and select the S&OP technology support tools you will likely need.

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Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) Information and Resources

Here you will find a variety of free resources available to subscribers of Supply Chain Digest or The Supply Chain Digest Letter.

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S&OP Case Studies

S&OP White Papers

Some of the "best of Supply Chain Digest" - articles and columns on Sales & Operations Planning

The Tom Wallace Series: Our "S&OP Report" Expert Insight columnist's incisive views on Sales and Operations Planning

Featured columns from other experts on this topic
Brochures from S&OP Solution Providers

Featured Articles on Sales and Operations Planning from SCDigest:

Balancing Supply and Demand -- a Long Way to Go


2006 Forecasting, Demand Planning Benchmarks Released


Misaligned Planning Cycles is Cause of Many inventory Woes


Barriers to Effective Demand Forecasting


Weyerhauser Finds Basic Blocking and Tackling Helps Link Supply and Demand


Insights to Improve Forecasting Success by Involving the Sales Organization


Getting to Demand-Driven Supply Chains


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Expert Insight

White Paper: Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) Best Practices

Provides an interesting discussion around how S&OP leaders are rethinking the process. From Supply Chain Leaders magazine.


Featured S&OP Information and Resources

S&OP Success Story: Bell Helicopter

S&OP Success Story: Shaw Industries

S&OP Success Story: Major Paint and Coatings Manufacturer


Solution Overview: SimFlex Sales, Inventory and Operations Planning Solution


S&OP Success Story: Consumer Electronics Company

Considering adding Warehouse Management to your SAP environment?

Many companies are considering adding best-of-breed Warehouse Management solutions to their SAP ERP environment, but are uncertain as to integration options and issues.

This information white paper from Softeon reviews WMS deployment options within an SAP environment, describes the technical requirements in a straight-forward, jargon-free fashion, and overviews the importance of SAP's certification program for integration external WMS solutions with ERP and enw NetWeaver platform.

Integrating WMS with SAP White Paper
Featured Sale and Operations
Planning Solutions

Next Generation, SOA-based platform maximizes flexibility and ease of integration.

i2 powers the S&OP
process for many of the world’s best companies.

Learn More.

Voyager Sales and
Operations Planning™

Streamline Alignment.
Strengthen Profits.

Join Logility customers who better understand supply and demand variability, manage opportunities and quickly make decisions that increase profitability.

Learn More

Sales Inventory & Operations
Planning (SIOP) Solution

Achieve organizational alignment between business goals and plans while enabling rapid responses to ever changing business conditions.

Learn More

S&OP Thought Leadership

An Integrated View of S&OP
Technology Support

Supply Chain Digest’s Dan Gilmore recently spoke with Gaurang Pandya of i2 on how technology really does make a difference in S&OP.

Read the full discussion here

Next-Generation Sales, Inventory and Operations PlanninG (SIOP)

Supply Chain Leaders are Embracing New Paradigms for Success

Akhil Oltikar
Senior Director
SimFlex Group

Read the full article here

Closing the Gap Between
Supply and Demand

As Manufacturers and Distributors Become More Demand Driven, Supply Chain Plans Need to be Translated into Achievable Execution Plans

Karin Bursa
Vice President Marketing

Read the full article here


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