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Supply Chain Thought Leadership: Understanding
Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization



Dec. 4, 2012

Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization (MEIO, or often just IO) is one of the hottest areas of supply chain technology right now, and often giving companies adopting IO competitive advantage, says SCDigest editor Dan Gilmore.

Yet, IO technology is not yet well understood by most supply chain professionals, Gilmore says.

We clear up many of the questions around IO in this video interview with Dr. Sean Willems, chief scientist at IO software provider Logility and associate professor at Boston University. Willems was also the co-founder of Optiant, a IO software pioneer acquired by Logility in 2010. He is truly a world class inventory optimization expert.

In this fast-paced discussion, Gilmore and Willems cover several key topics, including some definition around what IO software is and can do, the difference between tactical and strategic IO, why it's really about "rightsizing" inventory levels, solving the network inventory problem completely, and more.

Not to be missed for those interested in better understanding inventory optimization technology and benefits.

You can view this excellent discussion with Willems and Gilmore below.

Want to Learn More? Visit the Logility web site


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