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January 19, 2022Walmart Canada Shows Practical Success in Using Blockchain in Logistics
Program takes Share of Freight Invoices with Data Discrepancies from 70% to 1%
  Topics : Supply Chain Innovation | Supply Chain Integration | Transportation | Trucking | Wal-Mart
January 18, 2022Supply Chain News: Here come the Robotic Picking Arms in Distribution
Advances in AI and Vision Improving Rapidly, but will Still Take Years to See Widespread Adoption
  Topics : Distribution | e-fulfillment | Logistics costs | Logistics | Order picking | Supply chain costs | Supply Chain Innovation
January 05, 2022Supply Chain News: Autonomous Trucks One Step Closer to Reality
TuSimple Successfully Conducts Truly Driverless Test over 80 Miles of Open Road in Arizona
  Topics : Supply Chain Innovation | Transportation | Trucking
December 02, 2021Amazon Logistics Attacks by Land, Sea and Air
The Company’s Surging Network and more have Simply Weaponized Logistics in a Way that Boggles the Mind
  Topics : | Distribution | e-fulfillment | ecommerce | Retail industry supply chain | Supply Chain Innovation | Wal-Mart
November 23, 2021Supply Chain News: Are Drone Deliveries on the Cusp of Reality?
Walmart, Cardinal Health Announce Drone Programs
  Topics : Distribution | e-fulfillment | Supply Chain Innovation | Wal-Mart
November 05, 2021Couch Report: Gartner Supply Chain Supply Chain Symposium 2021 Part 2
Tuesday and Wednesday Keynotes Oddly Both External Innovation Gurus
  Topics : Supply chain excellence | Supply Chain Innovation | Supply chain thought leadership
October 13, 2021Supply Chain Newsmakers Video: Tool Maker Hilti Transforms Distribution Labor Management
Highlghts of Hilti Presentation at CSCMP Edge Conference in Atlanta
  Topics : Case studies | Labor Management Systems | Supply Chain Innovation
October 11, 2021Will Autonomous Trains Solve Many Current Freight Challenges?
Robot Trains may Get Here Faster than Autonomous Trucks, but Many Hurdles Remain
  Topics : Logistics costs | Logistics | Rail carriers/transportation | Supply Chain Innovation | Transportation
August 25, 2021Supply Chain News: Tesla Unveils Plan for Coming Humanoid Style Robot
Will Change the Nature of Work and Everyday Tasks, Musk Says, with Claim Robot will be Here in 2022
  Topics : Supply Chain Innovation
July 13, 2021Supply Chain News: Time for Iron Man in Distribution?
Exosuits Said to Reduce Stain for Lifting 30-40%
  Topics : Distribution | Order picking | Supply Chain Innovation

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