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April 12, 2024Status Check: AI in the Supply Chain
Hype Far Outpaces the Reality, but Progress is being Made
  Topics : Supply Chain Innovation | Supply Chain
April 03, 2024Supply Chain News: A Look at MODEX Show Innovation Award Winners
From Warehouse Planning Software to Linerless Labels
  Topics : Distribution | Material handling automation | Supply Chain Innovation
March 29, 2024Walmart’s TMS and Commercializing Supply Chain Innovation
Walmart Offers its TMS to the Overall Market – Can it Work?
  Topics : Supply Chain Innovation | Wal-Mart
March 22, 2024Review and Comment: MHI Annual Report 2024
The lowest stage, if you will, is “Observer,” which refers to companies that “have limited exposure to climate considerations or minimal experience implementing climate efforts,” among other attributes.
  Topics : Global supply chain | Material handling automation | Supply Chain Innovation | Supply chain risk | Supply Chain studies | Supply Chain
February 28, 2024Supply Chain News: Where things Stand in the Autonomous Truck Market
Despite some Leaving, still a Lot of Firms Chasing the Dream
  Topics : Supply Chain Innovation | Transportation | Trucking
January 15, 2024Supply Chain News: Is Drone Delivery Era Finally Here?
Walmart CEO Says it will Cover 75% of Dallas-Ft. Worth Market by End of the Year
  Topics : e-fulfillment | ecommerce | Parcel shipping/parcel systems | Supply Chain Innovation | Wal-Mart
November 26, 2023Supply Chain News: Amazon Unveils Newest Fulfillment Robot, Named Titan
Mobile Robot Can Move 2500 Pounds, Twice the Capacity of Current Design
  Topics : | Distribution | Supply Chain Innovation
November 15, 2023MHI Mobile Automation Group Identifies Myths around Mobile Automation Vehicles
If you have a New, there is Likely a Mobile Solution for You, Blog Post Argues
  Topics : Distribution | Order picking | Supply Chain Innovation
October 24, 2023Supply Chain News: Amazon Blog Announces New Mini-load System for Putaway and Picking, and a Prototype Humanoid Robot it Calls Digit
Amazon Now has Deployed more than 750,000 Robots of All Types across the Globe
  Topics : | Distribution | Order picking | Supply Chain Innovation
October 17, 2023Supply Chain News: Google Announces AI Tools for Manufacturing
Offers Five Use Cases in Manufacturing for Generative AI
  Topics : Manufacturing | Supply Chain Innovation

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