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May 01, 2014Logistics News: Slotting in the DC is Often More of a Journey than a Destination
Getting the Right Data at the Right Level of Granularity is Key
  Topics : Distribution | Logistics | Slotting optimization
May 14, 2013 Supply Chain News: Theory of Constraints Working in Random House Distribution Center, as Publisher Uses Dynamic Buffer Management
Emergency Replenishments in Active Pick Areas Plunge; Changed DC Focus from Cost to Sales Growth - with Big Results
  Topics : Distribution | Logistics costs | Logistics | Order picking | Slotting optimization | Supply chain costs | Supply chain strategy | Warehouse Mananagement Systems
May 26, 2010Smarter Retail Supply Chains Part 2 Videocast Slides
Slides from Part 2 of our Smarter Retail Supply Chains Videocast, focused on how network design and supply chain optimization can reduce logistics costs. Featuring Dr. Michael Watson of IBM. Appropriate for consumer goods companies as well. To view the full broadcast, go to
  Topics : Inbound logistics | Integrated logistics | Inventory optimization | Logistics costs | Logistics | Network design/optimization | Retail industry supply chain | Slotting optimization | Supply Chain Planning software | Supply chain software
January 21, 2010DMExpo Day2 Keynote: Trends and Opportunites in Distribution Software
SCDigest editor Dan Gilmore with an expert overview of the distribution software market, and how to best plan for ans acquire solutions.
  Topics : Distribution | Labor Management Systems | Slotting optimization | Supply Chain Execution (SCE) | Vendor Managed Inventory
December 02, 2009Logistics News: Determining The Number Of Zones For A Zone Picking System Can Be Tricky
Can The Answer Be Found In Dynamic Zone Configuration and SKU Slotting Strategies?
  Topics : Logistics | Order picking | Slotting optimization
September 29, 2009Slides from our DC Productivity Triad Videocast
Slides from our videocast on The DC Productivity Triad: WMS Task Management, Labor Manangement, and Slotting Optimization. To view the full broadcast, go to
  Topics : Distribution | Labor Management Systems | Slotting optimization | Supply Chain Execution (SCE) | Warehouse Mananagement Systems
July 21, 2008Logistics News: Dynamic Slotting can Drive Huge Productivity Gains -- but Few Companies Are Using the Approach Today
Retailer Canadian Tire Has Been Used Dynamic Slotting Approach Since 1989, saving Millions per Year; Computing Power Should Make it Much Easier Today, but Few Are Trying
  Topics : Distribution | Slotting optimization | Warehouse design | Warehouse Mananagement Systems
May 27, 2008Logistics News: Is Slotting Optimization Ready for Prime Time?
Trends Are Driving Increased Interest, and Software Vendors Making the Tools Easier to Use; McKesson, Vera Bradley, and OReilly Auto Parts Finding Slotting Success
  Topics : Distribution | Logistics | Order picking | Slotting optimization | Supply Chain Execution (SCE) | Supply chain software | Warehouse design
May 10, 2007It was Supply Chain or Die for Coats NA
Supply chain transformation happens for all kinds of reasons. In the case of Coats North America, a dramatic change in its customer base due to low cost country sourcing meant its supply chain network was badly misaligned. The company took that opportunity to not only reconfigure its supply chain network, but to transform to strategy, processes and technology to move from push to pull.
  Topics : Case studies | Global supply chain | Outsourcing/offshoring | Slotting optimization | Supply Chain Planning software | Supply chain strategy | Supply chain transformation

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