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April 21, 2009RFID News that Matters, Week of April 20, 2009
A Better Looking RFID Portal? Washington State Passes Watered-Down RFID Privacy Law; New Turnkey Retail Tracking System Sign of Market Maturity; More
  Topics : RFID and Privacy | RFID market size | RFID software | RFID
December 17, 2008RFID News: Lowry Launches New RFID-Based Solution to Track Food Shipments from Farm to Plate
Amidst Calls for Better Food Safety, Broader Use of Auto ID Technologies Can Provide the Answer
  Topics : RFID market size | RFID software | RFID
November 26, 2008RFID News: News of Note for Week of Nov. 24, 2008
Patent Pool Blessed; Defining an Internet of Things; Tracking Food Safety; Financing from Microsoft for RFID Systems
  Topics : RFID software | RFID
November 18, 2008On-Demand Videocast: Increase Effectiveness in the Supply Chain using RFID Technologies
In this outstanding Webcast from Supply Chain Digest and The Supply Chain Television Channel, you will learn how manufacturers are ensuring product safety and quality, thanks to mobile technology, as well as how various members of the fresh food supply chain can leverage technology to enhance food traceability, and how this technology can be applied to nearly any manufacturing industry.
  Topics : Consumer goods industry supply chain | Manufacturing | RFID software | RFID | Supply chain risk
May 27, 2008RFID News: RW Baird Sees Three Key Barriers to RFID Adoption
Data Sharing, Privacy Concerns, and Global Standards Top the List
  Topics : RFID and Privacy | RFID market size | RFID software | RFID
May 27, 2008The Week in RFID and Auto ID - We Review the News of Note in the RFID and AIDC Industry for the Week
Stanley Tools Acquires RFID Solution Company; Market Researcher Bullish on RFID Adoption Growth, Is RFID Actually a Threat to Port Security?
  Topics : RFID and Privacy | RFID market size | RFID software | RFID
April 26, 2007ON-DEMAND VIDEOCAST: Understanding the RFID-enabled WMS
To drive ROI in distribution from investments and requirements to use RFID, logistics software must change to take maximum advantage of RFID capabilities. The reality is this means a lot more than simply adding a new identifier field to the Warehouse Management System database - it means substantial changes in the way a WMS needs to think about and process data, using event-driven architecture, and rethinking how traditional bar-code based processes are performed. In this informative Supply Chain Videocast, on The Supply Chain Television Channel, you'll get detailed insight into how WMS must change to maximize RFID benefits. Not to be missed! Slides are available under the Reports section of
  Topics : Electronic Product Code/EPC | RFID software | RFID | Warehouse Mananagement Systems
April 19, 2007Using RFID in Distribution and WMS
At some point, the magic tipping point will be reached, and some consumer goods and other companies will be able to start RFID tagging in manufacturing. That will open a virtual warehouse of opportunities to finally get ROI, but the big question is Will anyone have the WMS software to do it?
  Topics : Consumer goods industry supply chain | Distribution | Electronic Product Code/EPC | Logistics | RFID software | RFID | Supply Chain Execution (SCE) | Supply chain software | Warehouse Mananagement Systems
February 03, 2005Should You Push or Pull RFID Data?
SCDigest Contributing Editor, Mark Fralick, explains why it's important to understand how supply chain managers and RFID vendors will deal with the "context" of read data.
  Topics : RFID software | RFID | Supply chain strategy
December 09, 2004Can an RFID System Play Well with the Rest of Your Network?
SCDigest Contributing Editor Mark Fralick shares insight into the concerns in the mind of many ITdepartments. First, about the flood of data that might take place when they plug an RFID solution into their network, and second, what to do with the potentially huge amount of enterprise-level EPC data.
  Topics : Electronic Product Code/EPC | RFID software | RFID

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