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August 16, 2013One-Vat Process Could Lower Biofuel Costs
Sugars Could be Extracted from Biomass and Turned into Fuels in a Single Vat, using Less Water and Producing Less Waste
  Topics : Green and Manufacturing | GREEN_WEB
April 04, 2013Ford Expands CO2-Cutting Paint Process
The Three-Wet Painting Process Saves on Electricity, Natural Gas and Water Usage
  Topics : Green and Manufacturing | GREEN_WEB | Water Usage
April 02, 2013Emissions Rules Put Alternative-Fuel Vehicles in a Bind
EPA's Proposed Tightening of Limits on Sulfur in Gasoline: Consequence May Slow Development of Alternative Fuel Cars
  Topics : Green and Manufacturing | GREEN_WEB
September 19, 2012Green Supply Chain News: US Solar Panel Installation Levels Soar, Though Few are Made in US
China Dominates Solar Panel Production, Amid Complaints of Unfair Subsidies and Chinese Manufacturers Losing Money
  Topics : Green and Government | Green and Manufacturing | Green supply chain
September 05, 2012Green Supply Chain News: Cornell Professor Robert Frank Suggests Quickly Moving to $300 per Ton Tax on Carbon to Slow Global Warming
Tax Would Raise Gas Price $3.00 per Gallon, he Says, but Have Other Benefits
  Topics : Green and Government | Green and Manufacturing | Green Logistics | Green Manufacturing | Green supply chain
January 11, 2012Thermoformed Tray Enables Crop Waste-Based Packaging
New Sustainable Packaging: Standard-Sized Shipping Coolers Made from Mushroom-Root and Crop-Waste Packaging Material
  Topics : Green and Manufacturing | GREEN_WEB
January 06, 2012Ten Tips for Sustainable Package Design
Areas to Consider When Implementing Changes to Your Packaging for Improved Environmental Impact
  Topics : Green and Manufacturing | GREEN_WEB
October 26, 2011Green Supply Chain News: Details of California Cap and Trade Plan Released
Eyes of the World will be On Program to Judge its Success; Will it Drive Development of a National Program - or Just Jobs out of State?
  Topics : Green and Manufacturing | Green Logistics | Green Manufacturing | Green supply chain | Logistics costs
October 21, 2011Why Small Manufacturers Lag In 'Green' Efforts
New Survey: Fifty-Seven Percent of Small Manufacturers Have Little or No Strategy to Become Sustainable
  Topics : Green and Manufacturing | GREEN_WEB
September 08, 2011Green Supply Chain News: Fallout Continues over Greenpeace Report on Toxic Chemicals in Apparel Supply Chain, as Nike, Others, Commit to Detox
Many Well Known Companies Caught with their Sports Shorts Down, as Chinese Textile Suppliers Spew Toxic Stuff Into Waterways
  Topics : Green and Manufacturing | Green Manufacturing | Green supply chain | Water Usage

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