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June 06, 2012Design Chain: Packaging is Moving away from Oil
A New Packaging Revolution has begun with Emphasis on Non-Biodegradable Bioplastics
  Topics : Green Manufacturing | GREEN_WEB
April 18, 2012Green Supply Chain News: Vast Efforts and Progress by Walmart in Sustainability
New Sustainability Reports Details What Retail Giant is Doing in Dozens of Areas Worldwide; A Caring Program for Logistics
  Topics : Green and Reverse | Green Logistics | Green Manufacturing | Green Sourcing | Green supply chain | Logistics | Wal-Mart
January 14, 2012The New GM: New Fuels, Less Waste, More Involvement with Detroit
GM's First Sustainability Report Released Since It's Transformation: Sustainability and Strategy Appear to be Aligned and On the Mend
  Topics : Green Manufacturing | GREEN_WEB
October 26, 2011Green Supply Chain News: Details of California Cap and Trade Plan Released
Eyes of the World will be On Program to Judge its Success; Will it Drive Development of a National Program - or Just Jobs out of State?
  Topics : Green and Manufacturing | Green Logistics | Green Manufacturing | Green supply chain | Logistics costs
September 08, 2011Green Supply Chain News: Fallout Continues over Greenpeace Report on Toxic Chemicals in Apparel Supply Chain, as Nike, Others, Commit to Detox
Many Well Known Companies Caught with their Sports Shorts Down, as Chinese Textile Suppliers Spew Toxic Stuff Into Waterways
  Topics : Green and Manufacturing | Green Manufacturing | Green supply chain | Water Usage
June 01, 2011Biodegradable Products: Bad for the environment?
New Study Highlights a Landfill Problem Caused by Biodegradable Materials that Release Powerful Greenhouse Gases into the Atmosphere
  Topics : Green Manufacturing | GREEN_WEB
March 16, 2011Green Supply Chain News: US House Moves to Restrict EPA from Regulating Greenhouse Gases, but even if Bill is Passed by Senate a Likely Veto Awaits
Bill Aims to Restrict Aggressive EPA GHG Regulation in Face of No Action by Congress
  Topics : Green and Government | Green and Manufacturing | Green Manufacturing | Green supply chain
March 05, 2011Food Processors Beginning To See Benefits Of Going Green With Packaging
From Heinz To The Girl Scouts, Everyone Wants Packaging With Less Environmental Downside
  Topics : Green Manufacturing | GREEN_WEB
February 26, 2011Philips Improves Carbon Footprint; Lighting Drives Product Efficiency
Philips Reduced Its Carbon Footprint by Seven Percent and Increased Operational Energy Efficiency By Six Percent Between 2009 And 2010
  Topics : Green Manufacturing | GREEN_WEB
February 24, 2011Heinz Adopts Greener Ketchup Bottle
Heinz And Coca-Cola Collaborate: Starting This Summer, Ketchup Will Be Packaged In Coke's "Plant Bottle"
  Topics : Green Manufacturing | GREEN_WEB

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