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March 19, 2021What's the Green Fuel of the Future for Shipping?
Green Fuel Includes Aluminum, Hydrogen, LNG, Biofules, Methanol and Nuclear
  Topics : Green Logistics | Green supply chain | GREEN_WEB
December 03, 2020Five Transportation Companies Improve Renewable Energy, Buildings, Supply Chain for The Climate Pledge
JetBlue, Uber, Boom Supersonic, Rivian and Cabify are Implementing Science-Based, High-Impact Changes to Their Businesses
  Topics : air carriers/cargo | Green Logistics | GREEN_WEB | Trucking
April 30, 2020Putting Hydrogen Fuel Cell Trucks to Work
For Fuel Cells to Work on a Larger Scale, Cost and Fueling Infrastructure Issues Must be Worked out
  Topics : Green Logistics | GREEN_WEB | Trucking
November 12, 2019Green Supply Chain News: What are the top Green Trucking Fleets for 2019?
Interesting Activities from the Carriers and Fleets in the Annual List from Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine
  Topics : Green Logistics | GREEN_WEB | Trucking
October 23, 2019Shippers Shine Torch in Every Corner as Pressure to Cut CO2 Grows
Sophisticated Paint, Slower Speeds and Lower Carbon Ships are Some of the Ways That the Shipping Industry is Trying to Reduce CO2 Emissions
  Topics : Green Logistics | GREEN_WEB | Ocean carriers
September 23, 2019Green Supply Chain News: Amazon Announces Aggressive New Environmental Plan, but Thousands of Employees Protest Anyway
Amazon Acquiring 100,000 Electric Delivery Trucks from Rivian by 2024, but Employees Protest Anyway
  Topics : | Green Logistics | Green supply chain | GREEN_WEB | Trucking
August 28, 2019Green Supply Chain News: Remembering Warehouseman Richard Murphy and His Practical Green Distribution Perspective
Murphy Passes Away in July, Won SCDigest’s Presentation of the Year in 2013
  Topics : Green Logistics | GREEN_WEB
April 22, 2019Maersk Charts Course Toward Sustainable Shipping
Pilot Program Aims to Learn More About Using Biofuels and Understand the Possibilities Around Increasing its Usage
  Topics : Green Logistics | GREEN_WEB | Ocean carriers
October 31, 2018Green Supply Chain News: Panel Discussion on Lessons from Early Electric Truck Adopters
Also Discussed was New UPS Research on Carrier Thinking on Electrics
  Topics : Green and Manufacturing | Green Logistics | Green Manufacturing | GREEN_WEB
January 20, 2016Industry Insight: Sustainable Marine Biofuel - Scaling-Up for a Crucial Role in a Low Emission Future for Shipping
Driven by Both Regulatory and Market Factors, Biofuels Could Make up 5-10% of the Total Global Marine Fuel mix by 2030
  Topics : Green Logistics | GREEN_WEB | Ocean carriers

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