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March 16, 2023How Midsize Companies Build Supply Chain Resiliency And Sustainability
New Survey: 83% of Midsize Business Leaders Surveyed Consider the Cloud Critical to Business Process Improvement
  Topics : GREEN_WEB
March 14, 2023Five key Facets of a Strong Sustainability Strategy
Sustainability Strategy can be Complicated
  Topics : GREEN_WEB
March 08, 2023Is The Art Of Logistics Disappearing With Automation?
Even With all of the Benefits of Automation, People Will Drive the Future of the T&L Industry
  Topics : GREEN_WEB | Logistics
March 06, 2023How Technology Is Driving The Transportation Industry Toward A Sustainable Future
Improvements to Route Optimization, Including Incorporating Real-Time Data for Weather & Accidents, Reduce Idle Time & Increase Route Efficiency
  Topics : GREEN_WEB | Transportation
March 03, 2023The 100 Most Sustainable U.S. Companies Right Now
Amid a Backlash Against ESG, Many Companies are Forging Ahead With Plans for a “Circular Economy” to cut Waste and Pollution
  Topics : GREEN_WEB
March 02, 2023Global Energy-Related CO2 Emissions Edged up to Record High in 2022
IEA Report: Half of the Increase Came From Air Travel Oil-Related Emissions, Along With Lower Outputs From Nuclear Power Plants
  Topics : Green supply chain | GREEN_WEB
March 01, 2023How To Level Up Your Sustainability Initiatives With Materials Intelligence
Making Material Trade-Offs Early in the Product Development Cycle Helps Reduce Costs, Improve Performance and Minimize Carbon Footprints
  Topics : GREEN_WEB
February 28, 2023Three Energy and Sustainability Trends to Watch in 2023
Expect to see Innovations to Increase Energy Efficiency, Reduce Water Consumption; and Overall, Advance Sustainability in the Energy Industry
  Topics : GREEN_WEB | Supply Chain Trends
February 20, 2023Why Companies Need To Start Quantifying Their Efforts Around Carbon
New Survey: Many Businesses Cannot Meet Net-Zero Targets Without the use of Carbon Credits
  Topics : GREEN_WEB
February 18, 2023Can Energy Storage Power the Sustainability Revolution?
A Look at What Opportunities the Burgeoning World of Energy Storage Offers to the Sustainability Industry
  Topics : GREEN_WEB

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