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- March 30, 2015 -


Supply Chain News: Best of ProMat 2015 Day 1 Individual Clips

We Highlight Seven New Solutions with Video Clips and Commentary


SCDigest Editorial Staff


The SCDigest team was out in force for the ProMat 2015 show from MHI at McCormick Place in Chicago last week.

We published Day 1 and Day 2 video reviews of the show, covering overall themes and highlighting some of the most interesting new solutions on the show floor.


Then SCDigest editor Dan Gilmore offered a written trip report for his First Thougths column on Friday, which you can find here: Technology Barriers Almost Gone - ProMat 2015 Full Review and Comment.


This week, we've taken those Day 1 and Day 2 full videos and broken them out into individual clips, so that readers can just view the reviews of any solutions that might be most of interest to them. We start here with the seven solutions covered in Day 1, and will be back next week with the six more clips from Day 2.


We begin with Gilmore and materials handling editor Cliff Holste discussing the show overall and some themes for this year's event:


ProMat 2015 Show Summary




Next up, a new high density storage system from an Indian company called Hi-Tech Robotic Systems that uses AGVs that not only bring product to and from the storage system, but move within its structure - very interesting.


Mobile Case Flow System from Hi-Tech-Robotics




A company called Engineered Lift Systems featured a very cool new product that uses a flexible powered conveyor to assist with the loading and unloading of cases from trailers and container - from the top tier all the way to the floor, as we show in this video.



Container Loading/Unloading System from Engineered Lift Systems




You may be familiar with simulation techniques to better understand likely performance from automated materials handling systems, but do you understand 'emulation" of the same systems, and how it differs from simulation? This video clip may help.



Difference between Materials Handling System Emulation

and Simulation, from Demo3D




(Distribution/Materials Handling Story Continues Below )


Download Longbow Advantage

Business Briefs



The Keys to WMS Success,

Maximizing JDA WMS

Performance and More






A vendor called pcdata offered an interesting application using a form of "smart glasses" in the DC - basically achieving pick- or put-to-light functionality without the expensive hardware. Watch SCDigest editor Dan Gilmore use the system on the show floor.

Smart Glass Solution from pcdata Might Replace Pick- and Put-to Light Hardware





Softeon was back with anoher interesting software solution, this time with a integrated set of modules for "Plan to Fulfill," basically integrating "demand sensing" with short to mid-term inventory and replenishment plans and actual fulfillment. Part of continued trend towards integrated planning and execution.


Plan to Fulfill System from Softeon Integrates Planning and Execution





Perhaps the most interesting solution on the show floor was new technology from a company called GrabIt that in basically uses static electricity to solve all kinds of materials handling problems. One cool example: being able to move a carton up a very steep conveyor ramp without it falling back - perhaps obviating the need for an expensive spiral conveyor.


New Innovative Electro-static Technology from GrabIt

Addresses Many Materials Handling Issues





Finally from Day 1, System Logistics was there with some innovation for automated case picking, using a robotic system that employs vision technology to distinguish between packaging types, and which automatically switches to the right tool for the job at the end of the robot's arm.


New Automated Case Picking Technology from System Logistics




We will be back with the highlights from Day 2 next week.

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