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January 17, 2018NRF 2018 Day 2 Video Review and Comment
SCDigest Editor Dan Gilmore from the Exhibition Floor in New York City
  Topics : Retail industry supply chain | Supply Chain Trends
January 16, 2018Supply Chain Video News: NRF 2018 Day 1 Video Review and Comment
Despite Challenging Times for Retailers, Attendance Continues to Grow; Advanced Analytics Morphing to Artificial Intelligence; Digimarc Now Putting Bar Codes on Corrugate Boxes; Combining Electronic Shelf Labels with Vision Systems to ID Out of Stocks; Execution Planning Fills White Space between Traditional Planning and Execution; Lots More
  Topics : Retail industry supply chain | Supply Chain Trends
January 04, 2018Full List of the Top Supply Chain Stories by Month in 2017
From January to December, All of the Top News in Supply Chain
  Topics : Fun stuff | Supply Chain Trends
January 03, 2018With Growth of eCommerce, It's Many Unhappy Returns in Supply Chain
Customers Demand Easy Returns, but Costs are High and Growing
  Topics : Logistics costs | Logistics | Retail industry supply chain | Reverse logistics/returns management
December 14, 2017Supply Chain Phone Call with Santa Claus
Planning and Optimizing the Christmas Express Supply Chain
  Topics : Network design/optimization | Supply Chain Experts | Supply Chain Planning software | Supply chain thought leadership
December 05, 2017Retailers Getting Serious about Taking Variability Out of the Supply Chain
Kroger Latest Retailer to Jump on th Bandwagon
  Topics : Consumer goods industry supply chain | Retail industry supply chain | Supply Chain Trends
November 19, 2017Supply Chain News Makers Video Series: Interesting Technical Enhancement to the Famous Beer Game
Dr. Larry Snyder of OpEx Anlytics and Lehigh Explains Addition of Form of Machine Learning
  Topics : Supply Chain Innovation | Supply Chain Planning software
November 14, 2017"Winter is Coming" - Do You Have the Right Supply Chain Metrics to Weather the Coming Storm?
Gartner's Hierarchy of Metrics: Alignment of Performance Measurements Across the Supply Chain
  Topics : Metrics/Performance measurement | Supply chain excellence | Supply Chain Experts | Supply chain strategy | Supply chain thought leadership
November 07, 2017Supply Chain News: E2open Makes another Complementary Acquisition (Zyme), as Company Quickly becoming One of Largest Best of Breed Supply Chain Software Providers
E2open Approaching $200 Million in Revenue, as Acquisitions and Organic Growth Fuel Top and Bottom Lines
  Topics : Supply chain software
October 23, 2017Supply Chain News Makers Video Series: IDC's Simon Ellis on a Framework for Supply Chain Digitization
Ellis Introduces his 5C Model for Digital Transformation
  Topics : Supply chain thought leadership | Supply Chain Trends

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