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Supply Chain Performance Management
November 11, 2008Supply Chain News: Digging Through the Inventory Numbers
Who Has Been Performing Well, and Where are the DIO Numbers Going Up? SCDigest Takes a Look
  Topics : Metrics/Performance measurement | Supply Chain Trends
August 28, 2008Supply Chain News: Inventory Metrics Part 1
You Can Count on It -- The Impact of Throughput on Inventory Measures
  Topics : Inventory management | Metrics/Performance measurement
August 12, 2008Procurement and Sourcing News: The Keys to Implementing Dual Buyer-Supplier Scorecards Successfully
A Wide Range of Best Practices is Needed to Make it Work, Experts Say
  Topics : Metrics/Performance measurement | Procurement/Supplier Management | Supplier relationship management
June 03, 2008Logistics News: Digging Through the WERC Distribution Metrics Study for 2008
Distribution Performance Continues to Hold or Improve Across Most Key Metrics; Raw Materials Inventories Appear to Skyrocket
  Topics : Distribution | Logistics | Metrics/Performance measurement | Supply Chain studies | Supply Chain Trends
May 15, 2008Managing SCM Performance: How Good Is Your Supply Chain Data Quality? Part 2
Start Thinking Data Defect Parts Per Million (DPPM); Facts Drive Improvements in Data Quality
  Topics : Supply Chain Experts
April 07, 2008Managing SCM Performance: How Good is Your Supply Chain Data Quality? Part 1
The Key Is Understanding Data Quality from the Point Of View of the User; Introducing the Data Quality Index
  Topics : Data collection/AIDC | Supply chain excellence
April 01, 2008Supply Chain News: Supply Chain Measurement Framework can Help Practitioners Organize their Approach to Metrics
Metrics Differ in their Aim and Use; Is a Metric a Diagnostic Tool or Continuous Monitor?
  Topics : Metrics/Performance measurement
March 07, 2008Start Pulling Your Supply Chain
Think you have a pretty well running supply chain? Think again - it's unlikely you are near ready for the requirements of demanding customers, global competition, a flat world and other emerging challenges. SCDigest Editor Dan Gilmore reviews the new book Start Pulling Your Chain – Leading Responsive Supply Chain Transformation, by Nick LaHowchic and Don Bowersox, who say building a more responsive supply chain is simply essential for company success.
  Topics : Agile supply chain | Collaboration | Metrics/Performance measurement | Supply chain excellence | Supply Chain Integration | Supply chain organization | Supply chain strategy | Supply chain thought leadership | Supply chain transformation | Supply chain visibility | Web-based supply chain
March 06, 2008Supply Chain Graphic of the Week- Key Dimensions of Procurement and Sourcing Effectiveness
Understanding Procurement and Sourcing Effectiveness Requires Analysis of a Broad Range of Factors
  Topics : Managing effectively | Metrics/Performance measurement | Procurement/Supplier Management
July 26, 2007Supply Chain Management: The 50 Percent Problem Revisited
So just where do you stand in terms of your performance in supply chain effectiveness, distribution, and transportation? Many over rate their actual position; by definition, half have to be in the bottom 50 percent of the class.
  Topics : Metrics/Performance measurement | Supply chain excellence

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