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January 13, 2017China turns to robots as workers age
China will account for 40 percent of the global industrial robot market by 2019
  Topics : Web News
January 13, 2017New Group Advocates for Modern Transportation Infrastructure Solutions
Group of American shippers, carriers and retailers have launched the Americans for Modern Transportation coalition
  Topics : Web News
January 13, 2017Robots Will Take Jobs, but Not as Fast as Some Fear, New Report Says
A measured pace is likely because what is technically possible is only one factor in determining how quickly new technology is adopted
  Topics : Web News
January 13, 2017Amazon is hiring 100,000, but the malls are shrinking faster
Online Retailers Create Jobs, but Not as Quickly as They Are Los
  Topics : Web News
January 13, 2017Federal Judge Rules Swift Misclassified Truck Drivers as Independent Contractors
The drivers considered themselves to be employees because Swift controlled every aspect of their work schedules
  Topics : Web News
January 13, 2017P&G Vows Zero Manufacturing Waste from All Production Sites by 2020
56 percent of its global production sites qualify as zero manufacturing waste to landfill.already
  Topics : Web News
January 11, 2017Huge drone can lift 500 pounds
Griff Aviation Says its Next Dronre will Lift 1764 Pounds
  Topics : Web News
January 11, 2017U.S. companies have new business risk - being labeled 'anti-American' by Trump
Already causing companies to rethink supply chain strategies
  Topics : Web News
January 11, 2017Donald Trump’s global supply chain problem, in one chart
Many big US importers are also big exporters
  Topics : Web News
January 11, 2017Apple plans 'high-tech manufacturing' of data-center gear in Arizona
Would mark a rare instance of a US tech company manufacturing and assembling a finished product domestically
  Topics : Web News

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