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April 21, 2017Technology will turn future factory workers into cyborgs sooner than you think
Robots have taken over dangerous and repetitive tasks, improving factory safety
  Topics : Web News
April 21, 2017Here’s what the driverless semi trucks of the future will look like
Early concepts of the trucks look like a cross between a traditional semi and an alien space ship
  Topics : Web News
April 21, 2017Clothing retailer Bebe announces closure of all 175 of its stores
May stay open as online only business
  Topics : Web News
April 21, 2017Amazon accused of using peer pressure to make staff work even when sick
The policy sets workers against each other in Europe, newspaper srticle claims
  Topics : Web News
April 21, 2017Clock's Up on Retailers' Borrowed Time
There have been more retail bankruptcies so far this year than all of 2016
  Topics : Web News
April 21, 2017Photographer: Luke Sharett/Bloomberg
The retail giant can only do so much to combat climate change on its own.
  Topics : Web News
April 21, 2017CSX's New CEO Promises ''Different Strategy''
Carrier says plans are under way to idle about 550 locomotives and 25,000 railcars
  Topics : Web News
April 21, 2017Toyota is testing a hydrogen-powered, zero-emission truck at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.
Truck emits only water from tailpipe
  Topics : Web News
April 21, 2017German retailer Otto is using artificial intelligence to closely forecast sales and align distribution to the projected demand
The firm is already deploying the technology to make decisions at a scale, speed and accuracy that surpass the capabilities of its human employees
  Topics : Web News
April 21, 2017Amazon May Be Using a Hyperloop to Deliver Same-Day Shipping
Early details are trickling in about a partnership between Hyperloop One and Amazon to bring same day delivery to a significant portion of the United States.
  Topics : Web News

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