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October 16, 2019US retail sales unexpectedly decline
Sign that consumer economy could be cracking
  Topics : Web News
October 16, 2019Walmart Subsidizing Some Vendors in Price War With Amazon
The move appears to be a response to a program Amazon rolled out over the summer
  Topics : Web News
October 16, 2019New Amazon weapon to crush competition
One dollar items delivered for free, by tomorrow
  Topics : Web News
October 16, 2019How Amazon Can Afford to Ship a Two Dollar Stick of Deodorant to Your House by Tomorrow
The ability to ship millions of items in one day with no order minimum is a huge competitive advantage for Amazon
  Topics : Web News
October 14, 2019FTR Expects Mediocre Freight Environment for Carriers Through 2020
Active truck utilization was down in August to 87.4 percent
  Topics : Web News
October 14, 2019Two thirds of economists say manufacturing is in recession
Economists in the Journal poll forecast that rate will slow further to 1.77 percent during the last three months of 2019.
  Topics : Web News
October 14, 2019China trade with US plummeted nearly 20 percent in September
Putting pressure on Chinese economy
  Topics : Web News
October 14, 2019Amazon Purchasing Class 8 Day Cab Tractors
Seems to confirm speculation that Amazon sees establishing its own global logistics division as a key enabler of long-term growth
  Topics : Web News
October 14, 2019Global Parcels Volumes to Double by 2025
Will reach 200 billion annually
  Topics : Web News
October 14, 2019Air cargo in longest slump since global financial crisis
Demand fallen for 10 consecutive months
  Topics : Web News

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