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February 17, 2017Kraft Heinz Pursues Takeover of Uniliver!
Unilver rejects what would e one of largest deals ever
  Topics : Web News
February 17, 2017Amazon's Beginning To Grow Faster Than Its Revenues
One way that AMZN can increase its profits faster than it grows sales is to control more of the profit stream inherent in the products it sells
  Topics : Web News
February 17, 2017Workers at Boeing's South Carolina plant reject union
Almost three-quarters of workers at the plant who voted rejected union representation
  Topics : Web News
February 17, 2017DHL, Huawei partner to provide IoT technologies for connected logistics market
Improved connectivity will allow to deliver more integrated logistics value chain by providing critical data and visibility in warehousing operations, freight transportation, and last mile delivery
  Topics : Web News
February 17, 2017Draft maritime law revisions say China may bar foreign ships from passing through its waters
Professor says China should take the lead to establish the legal order in the Yellow Sea, the East China Sea and the South China Sea, in what could escalate already high tensions
  Topics : Web News
February 17, 2017Amazon: This Metric Shows Why It Can't Be Stopped
In New Metric Measuirng Innovation, Amazon Ahead by Wide Margin
  Topics : Web News
February 17, 2017Frustrated U.S. Steel drops cyber theft allegations from Chinese steel ban request
Company still ask the federal government to block all Chinese-made steel on the grounds of price fixing and misrepresentations of where it originally came from in order to duck tariffs
  Topics : Web News
February 15, 2017Another state goes right-to-work – Missouri
Missouri benextcomes 28th right to work state, New Hampshire may be
  Topics : Web News
February 15, 2017Workhorse Group Touts Efficiency of Electric Delivery Trucks
Workhorse calculated that its electric delivery truck models are achieving more than 30 miles per gallon equivalent during normal use
  Topics : Web News
February 15, 2017Consumer prices post largest gain in nearly four years
Households paid more for gasoline and other goods, suggesting inflation pressures could be picking up
  Topics : Web News

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