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August 22, 2016Are Aging and Economic Slowdown Linked?
An aging America reduces the economy's growth big time
  Topics : Web News
August 22, 20165 Steps to Higher Truck Productivity
Despite rapid technological advances, trucking companies have not made the gains in productivity they should have
  Topics : Web News
August 22, 2016This chart explains Wal-Mart's big win over Target
Walmart Traffic Up 1.2 Percent, Whiile Traffic at Tatget Ws Down
  Topics : Web News
August 22, 2016The Hunt Is On for a New Way to Measure the World's Economic Output
Some Say GDP Focus Should Be Replaced
  Topics : Web News
August 22, 2016Record number of robots ordered in first half of 2016
Food and consumer goods industries ordered 41 Percent more robots than the same period in 2015
  Topics : Web News
August 19, 2016JDA Announces $570 Million Equity Investment from Blackstone and New Mountain Capital
JDA will not be taken over by Honeywell after all
  Topics : Web News
August 19, 2016Uber Buys Autonomous Truck Startup Otto
Otto is already road testing a suite of sensors, software, and truck enhancements that could be quickly fitted on existing trucks.
  Topics : Web News
August 19, 2016Nike ramps up U.S. manufacturing effort, teams with Apollo Global Management
Latest effort to manufacture products in the U.S
  Topics : Web News
August 19, 2016American Apparel may move from its downtown Los Angeles manufacturing facility for a lower-wage part of the country.
May move to a state such as Tennessee, North Carolina or South Carolina, where the minimum wage is $7.25
  Topics : Web News
August 19, 2016How Amazon Could Radically Transform the Way It Treats Its Workers
Amazon is reportedly giving part time technical employees full time benefits as part of a new pilot program.
  Topics : Web News

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