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August 15, 2018California Truckers to Protest Anti Independent Contractor Ruling
Some say would make it impossible for transportation companies to use independent contractor drivers.
  Topics : Web News
August 15, 2018Trump trade war with China leads to off the charts rush of imports at Port of LA and more demand for warehouse space
Surge in goods coming in has exacerbated the already tight availability of warehouse space near LA and Long Beach
  Topics : Web News
August 15, 2018Four Ways Kroger Is Fighting Back In The Battle Against Amazon
Data shows roger strategy woring
  Topics : Web News
August 15, 2018Report could Recommend USPS Raise Rates on Parcels
A group of major U.S. shippers sent a letter urging government not to raise package rates
  Topics : Web News
August 15, 2018U.S. Manufacturing Production Rose for Second Month in July
Indicating a steady outlook at the start of the second half of 2018, Federal Reserve data showed this week
  Topics : Web News
August 15, 2018Supply Chain Newsmakers Video Series: Mike Watson on Using Artificial Intelligence at Carrier Landstar
It is an interesting story on its own, but even better as a trigger for thinking about how AI may add value in your supply chain
  Topics : Web News
August 13, 2018Automated Technology Ready Now Can Ease Capacity Crunch
Automated routing and scheduling can maximize the usage of available driver time
  Topics : Web News
August 13, 2018Retail sales in 2018 could climb higher than previously forecast, the National Retail Federation says
Retail sales is now predicted to climb at least 4.5 percent
  Topics : Web News
August 13, 2018Kroger Enlists Robots to Fight Grocery Delivery War
Moves include self driving delivery vans, third party delivery contractors and curbside pickup in Kroger parking lots, plus robots in its DCs.
  Topics : Web News
August 13, 2018Core inflation reading jumps the most since 2008
The annual increase in the so-called core CPI was 2.4 percent, the largest rise since September 2008
  Topics : Web News

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