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February 20, 2019Collaborative robots at Amazon offer peek into the future
Amazon now counts more than 25 robotic centers
  Topics : Web News
February 20, 2019ATA Truck Tonnage Index Rebounds in January
Up 2.3 percent from December
  Topics : Web News
February 20, 2019Walmart is quietly outperforming Amazon this year
Walmart Says Online Sales Up 43 Percent in Q4
  Topics : Web News
February 20, 2019What Robots Mean for the Future of American Manufacturing
Automation could Actually Lead to Reshoring
  Topics : Web News
February 20, 2019The Outlook for Automation and Manufacturing Jobs in Seven Charts
The precise details are up to debate, but here are a few key areas that many experts agree on with respect to the coming age of automation
  Topics : Web News
February 19, 2019Top Countries for Cheap Manufacturing 2019
China Still Tops the List
  Topics : Web News
February 19, 2019Fleets Offer Salaries, Other Pay Models to Retain Drivers Amid Labor Shortage
Fleets that have implemented new payment methods said drivers appreciate the steady income
  Topics : Web News
February 19, 2019Amazon says it wants half of shipments to be carbon neutral by 2030
The initiative is called Shipment Zero
  Topics : Web News
February 19, 2019Amazon Strikes a Blow in the Logistics Industry
Clues from XPO Logistics Seeing Giant Drop in Revenue from One Customer
  Topics : Web News
February 19, 2019Manufacturing Jobs Are Coming Back to the U.S. But Is It a Renaissance
Jobs not competing up with population growth, but headed in right direction
  Topics : Web News

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