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July 21, 2017ATA Forecasts Steady Rise in Truck Tonnage Over Next Decade
The ATA Freight Transportation Forecast 2017 projects freight volumes to grow by 2.8% in 2017 followed by 3.4% annual growth through 2023.
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July 21, 2017Truckload Linehaul Rates Firm Up, Intermodal Rate Momentum Slows
Truckload rates see third straight month of year-over-year gains following downturns for 13 consecutive months.
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July 21, 2017Amazon keeps popular items stocked by buying from other retailers
The company offers the items it buys to customers in other parts of the glob
  Topics : Web News
July 19, 2017ATA Truck Tonnage Index Falls 4.3% versus Mau
Compared to June 2016, the seasonally adjusted index increased 1.3 percent
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July 19, 2017Could House Bill Slow or Even Stop ELD Rule?
Calls for more analysisi before ELD rule goes into effect
  Topics : Web News
July 19, 2017Proof that Amazon has ravaged the retail industry
General merchandise stores are down to just $67.5 billion in value compared with 94.8 billion in 2016
  Topics : Web News
July 19, 2017U.S. Retail Sales And Manufacturing Output Hit Soft Patch
The June sales and output data are the latest in a flow of disappointing official data
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July 19, 2017A Human, a Bot, and a Manufacturing Shop: Welcome to the Future Workplace
Manufacturers must develop integrated strategies that combine data analytics, design thinking, anthropological workflow design
  Topics : Web News
July 19, 2017Debunking the 100% Renewables Fantasy
For the foreseeable future, the 100 percent renewables goal is yet another piece of progressive environmental rhetoric that in reality means higher costs for consumers
  Topics : Web News
July 19, 2017Google Glass reborn for the enterprise market
Logistics applications may be key
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