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April 14, 2015India Won't Bow to Western Pressure on CO2
India Prime Minister Narendra Modi has indicated that he will not submit to Western pressure on cutting CO2 emissions.
  Topics : Web News
April 14, 2015Average Diesel Price at Lowest Level in Nearly 6 Years
Diesel posts posting fifth uninterrupted weekly drop and hit its lowest level since late December of 2009,
  Topics : Web News
April 14, 2015Large retailers investigated for on-call work schedules
New York investigating whether practice violate state labor laws
  Topics : Web News
April 14, 2015Supply Chain Risk Management: Taking a C-suite View
Taking a broader and more strategic view can help improve performance
  Topics : Web News
April 10, 2015Predictions for the20 Largest Economies in the World in 2030
Will the US Still be on Top?
  Topics : Web News
April 10, 2015Robots Leave Behind Chinese Workers
China bought approximately 56,000 of the 227,000 industrial robots purchased worldwide in 2014, a 54 percent increase on 2013.
  Topics : Web News
April 10, 2015Diesel Prices Expected to Move Slightly Lower Before Increasing Next Year
The DOE latest Short-Term Energy Outlook projects diesel will average $2.86 for all of 2015
  Topics : Web News
April 10, 2015Self-Driving Vehicles – The road to the future?
There is no doubt that self-driving vehicles will change the world of logistics
  Topics : Web News
April 08, 2015FedEx to Buy Dutch Parcel Carrier TNT Express
TNT gives FedEx access to pan-European service and the domestic UK and French markets, areas where it is not a big player.
  Topics : Web News
April 08, 2015Clean Energy Revolution Is Ahead of Schedule
Electric vehicle batteries have been getting cheaper much faster than expected
  Topics : Web News

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