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August 12, 2019Amazon and FedEx Split Sets Battle Lines in eCommerce Delivery Feud
FedEx will work to optimize and protect its network, while strengthening relationships with more strategically important customers
  Topics : Web News
August 12, 2019The retail apocalypse is shutting down flagship stores
Brick and mortar stores that we thought would never disappear are now creating empty retails landscapes
  Topics : Web News
August 12, 2019Static Manufacturing Cannot Exist in a Dynamic World, Part 2
Why manufacturing has a 10x problem that has to be solved bottom up.
  Topics : Web News
August 07, 2019Scout, Amazon Self Driving Delivery Robot, Heads to California
Amaon will start teat with 6 robots in Irvine, CA
  Topics : Web News
August 07, 2019Electric Truck Maker Workhorse May not Save Lorrdstown Factory Jobs
Q2 Business was Very Low, Awaiting News on Contract with USPS
  Topics : Web News
August 07, 2019FedEx is severing shipping ties with Amazon as company scales up its own logistics operation
In recent months, FedEx has made it clear that it views Amazon as a competitor rather than a partner
  Topics : Web News
August 07, 2019Transportation Industry Lags Behind Overall GDP Growth
FTR estimates that the GDP Goods Transport Sector rose at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of just
  Topics : Web News
August 07, 2019Around The World A Universal Manufacturing Collapse
While the US is still holding up above the contraction level, most other countries are below.
  Topics : Web News
August 06, 2019Early Stage Driver Turnover on the Rise
Drivers hired in June 2018 stayed only 216 days on average, a decrease of 67 days.
  Topics : Web News
August 05, 2019Amazon Drivers Part of Major Theft Ring
A theft ring in Washington state sold millions of dollars worth of stolen goods on in the past six years
  Topics : Web News

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