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July 31, 2014Truck accidents surge: Why no national outcry?
About 11 ttruck accident each day in this country on average, killing nearly 4,000 people each year
  Topics : Web News
July 31, 2014Welcome to the mall of 2039: it is nothing like today
The future of retail will look starkly different 25 years out.
  Topics : Web News
July 31, 2014What it takes to get a good manufacturing job now
Only about 20% of manufacturing jobs now are unskilled positions any able-bodied worker can fill.
  Topics : Web News
July 30, 2014Average Price of Electricity Climbs to All-Time Record
The 14.3-cents average price for a KWH recorded this June is about 4.4 percent higher than that previous record.
  Topics : Web News
July 30, 2014FTR Shippers Conditions Index Remains in Low Territory, Meaning Tight Capacity
Att a current reading of -7.5 reflecting a continuing tight capacity situation with utilization rates holding between 98% and 99%
  Topics : Web News
July 30, 2014Manufacturers Added 3000 Workers in July
But ADP Says that is down from 10,000 in June
  Topics : Web News
July 29, 2014UPS Says it will Spend $175 to Improve Christmas Shipping this Year
Investment will Hurt Earnings, but Hopefully Avoid Repeat Disaster
  Topics : Web News
July 29, 2014Tesco Had Worst Sales Decline in Two Decades, Kantar Data Shows
Tesco sales fell 3.8 percent in the 12 weeks ended July 20
  Topics : Web News
July 29, 2014Gartner Says Supply Chain Management Software Revenue Is on Course to Reach $10 Billion in 2014
Supply Chain Management Revenue to Grow 12 Percent, the Highest Rate since 2011
  Topics : Web News
July 29, 2014Goldman, other economists shave Q2 GDP expectations
Economists shaved growth expectations for the second quarter after the June durable goods report revealed weak shipments
  Topics : Web News

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