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April 08, 2021Amazon Is Buying Dead Malls, and the Reason Why Is Fascinating
Amazon is buying up struggling malls and turning them into distribution centers
  Topics : Web News
April 08, 2021Amazon union drive in Alabama sees 55 percnt voter turnou
Hundreds of ballots were challenged, mostly by Amazon
  Topics : Web News
April 08, 2021UPS Orders Electric Aircraft to Transport Cargo Between Facilities
Will allow UPS to fly cargo directly between its facilities in small markets and bypass airports.
  Topics : Web News
April 08, 2021Mall vacancies jump at fastest pace on record, hitting new high, as retailers cull store counts
The vacancy rate for regional malls in the U.S. reached record 11.4 percent in the first quarter
  Topics : Web News
April 05, 2021A Fresh Look at the 2021 Top 50 Logistics Companies
The Annual List from Transport Topics
  Topics : Web News
April 05, 2021Amazon is on edge over Alabama union vote
Results expected any day
  Topics : Web News
April 05, 2021Biden Infrastructure Plan Calls For 300B Dollars For EVs, Roads, Bridges
Of Biden's 2 trilliondollar infrastructure plan, 174 billion would be for building electric vehicle charging infrastructure and 115 billion for repairing highways and bridges.
  Topics : Web News
April 05, 2021Amazon apologizes for wrongly denying drivers need to urinate in bottles
Says this is a long time overall delivery industry issues
  Topics : Web News
April 05, 2021Rebuilding U.S. manufacturing is the only path to an economic renaissance
America must rebuild the supply chains for major industries
  Topics : Web News
April 05, 2021Google Aims to Be the Ant Amazon of ECommerce
Google presents itself to independent sellers as cheaper and less restrictive
  Topics : Web News

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