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December 07, 2016Number of Idled Container Ships Have Doubled in a Year
Idled fleet now at 435 ships representing 1.7 million TEU, as capacity glut continued
  Topics : Web News
December 07, 2016Federal grants aim to boost container shipping on Mississippi River
Increasing containers on US inland waterways will be necessary to meet increasing demand over the next 30 years
  Topics : Web News
December 07, 2016Woman Who Heads Stihl Manufacturuing in US Focuses on Factory Floor
A day in the life of Lorraine Wagner of Stihl
  Topics : Web News
December 07, 2016Why Does US Lose More Manufacturing Jobs Than Germany?
More Manufacturing Firms are Privatley Held in Germany
  Topics : Web News
December 07, 2016Foxconn says in preliminary discussions to expand its US operations
One of biggest Apple suppliers is in talks to invest in the United States
  Topics : Web News
December 07, 2016Diesel, Oil Prices Expected to Jump Around 17% Next Year
Would still be mjuch higher than 2014 averages
  Topics : Web News
December 07, 2016Report from State Officials Calls for More Investment in Freight Infrastructure
Says $258 billion in infrastructure investment needed on top of last year’s $29 billion
  Topics : Web News
December 07, 2016RFID Company Impinj Could Benefit from New Go Store from Amazon
Impinj offers real time inventory tracking technology using RFID
  Topics : Web News
December 05, 2016State of Trucking for 2017: The Driver Shortage Infographic
Interesting data summary on driver shortage by Driver Solutions
  Topics : Web News
December 05, 2016Oil tops $55 for first time in 16 months
Comes after OPEC members agreed on a landmark deal to cut production last week
  Topics : Web News

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