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September 25, 2017In Test, Drivers Average 10.1 mpg, Surpassing Goals
Seven drivers over 17 days and 50,000 miles managed to average 10.1 mpg
  Topics : Web News
September 25, 2017Here are the 19 retailers that have filed for bankruptcy protection in 2017
Toys R Us is Latest to File for Protection
  Topics : Web News
September 25, 2017Driverless Trucks Will Be (Mostly) Great
The advantages are overwhelming, but the adjustment may be rough
  Topics : Web News
September 25, 2017Amazon is making huge physical bets in defiance of the retail apocalypse
Amazon is seeing online sales go up in areas that have physical stores
  Topics : Web News
September 25, 20173 Trends Driving Modern Manufacturing Innovation
Machine shop Plethora using technolog to dramatically reduce cycle times
  Topics : Web News
September 25, 2017Siemens likely to pick Alstom for rail merger
Looking to fend off Cinese competition
  Topics : Web News
September 25, 2017Spot prices on major container shipping lanes out of Asia are falling despite announced rate increases
More spot rate sorrow for carriers, as capacity still high
  Topics : Web News
September 25, 2017Target expands Restock household supply service to 8 additional cities
More metro areas slated to get next day receipt of goods ordered online
  Topics : Web News
September 22, 2017Wal-Mart tests delivering groceries straight to fridge
Partnering with August Home, a provider of smart locks and smart home accessories, to test the service
  Topics : Web News
September 22, 2017Retail shouldn't ditch the store because millennials love it, survey finds
25 percent more millennials than baby boomers are visiting multiple stores when out shopping
  Topics : Web News

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