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June 10, 2019FedEx, UPS take different paths in Amazon relationship
FedEx said Friday it is letting its U.S. Express contract with Amazon expire on June 30
  Topics : Web News
June 10, 2019Amazon drone delivery is still a couple years out, drone CEO says
Regulatory obstacles still loom
  Topics : Web News
June 10, 2019Blockchain Mentioned Less In Boardrooms
Perhaps a signal that what was thought to be the next big thing in trucking may already be declining
  Topics : Web News
June 10, 2019Robots are breaking out of their cages on the factory floor
Veo Robotics has rolled out its sensor technology, which gives large scale robots spatial awareness of every object and obstacle in their reach
  Topics : Web News
June 10, 2019FedEx drops Amazon U.S. delivery contract
FedEx chose to walk away from nearly 850 million dollars in annual revenue.
  Topics : Web News
June 10, 2019Manufacturers Are Considering Leaving China, but Not Only Due to Tariffs
Higher tariffs might have accelerated some of those plans that were already in place
  Topics : Web News
June 10, 2019Inside the growing climate rebellion at Amazon
The online giant is facing a growing revolution from within that demands it get serious about climate action
  Topics : Web News
June 10, 2019Significant Upward Changes in Trucker Pay Continue
Pay moves slowed a bit in the first quarter compared with 2018, but were still substantial
  Topics : Web News
June 10, 2019Former Mesla, Uber engineers ready testing of autonomous parcel delivery vehicle
Regional Parcel Carrier OnTrac to Partner wiith Boxbot
  Topics : Web News
June 10, 2019Retail Giant Target Is Quietly Working on a Blockchain for Supply Chains
Retailer recently open sourced the project as a blockchain solution for suppliers certification, dubbed ConsenSource
  Topics : Web News

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