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October 07, 2015Driver Shortage Hits Highest Recorded Level in 2015
The driver shortage has left the trucking industry nearly 48,000 qualified drivers short and is on pace to expand by a significant margin
  Topics : Web News
October 07, 2015US international trade gap at $48.3 billion in Aug vs $47.4 billion expected
U.S. exports took a hit from an ailing global economy in August and imports from China surged
  Topics : Web News
October 07, 2015Buffett Bets on Rail Superhighway to Beat Trucks
BNSF Nearly Done with Parallel Line from LA to Chicago
  Topics : Web News
October 02, 2015AT&T Offers Global Container Tracking
Companies that transport containers by truck, railroad or trailer can use the AT&T network to help them have a better view of inventory from departure to arrival.
  Topics : Web News
October 02, 2015Amazon Flex Uses Uberization to Harness Millennials as Drivers
mazon Flex promises to pay people $18-25 per hour to use their own cars and smart phones to delvier packages
  Topics : Web News
October 02, 2015How to Fund America's Highways
Idea is to gradually increase the federal fuel taxes that have paid for much of our transportation system for decades.
  Topics : Web News
October 02, 2015Walmart Opens New DC It Calls "Crown Jewel" of eFulfillment
It’s the third large-scale distribution center the company has opened in the last three months
  Topics : Web News
September 24, 2015Truck Driver Work-Related Fatalities at Six-Year High
Fatal work injuries in this group climbed 3 percent to 1,289 incidents in 2014, marking the highest total since 2008
  Topics : Web News
September 24, 2015Robot Revolution Sweeps China's Factory Floors
In China's factories, the robots are rising.
  Topics : Web News
September 24, 2015Retailers Overlook Supply Chain Impact in Search for Product Innovations
Consumer goods sellers press innovation to boost sales, but a new report says the costs and complexity often are neglected
  Topics : Web News

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