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April 04, 2020Toilet Paper Shortage Explained
Supply chains difffer for retail, commericial
  Topics : Web News
April 04, 2020Store owners boarding up buildings across Manhattan
The businesses have taken the unsightly measure in an effort to defend against the potential for civil unrest
  Topics : Web News
April 02, 2020Why coronavirus probably will not force American grocers to run out of food
Measures have been put in place to help grocers adjust
  Topics : Web News
April 02, 2020Truck Stops, State Associations Offer Free Food, Parking to Drivers
Taking steps to keep drivers on the road
  Topics : Web News
April 02, 2020Coronavirus Is a Wake Up Call for Supply Chain Management
A small minority of companies that invested in mapping their supply networks before the pandemic emerged better prepared
  Topics : Web News
April 02, 2020An Outbreak Among Farm Workers Would Be Catastrophic
The supply chain could be further undermined by outbreaks of coronavirus among agricultural workers.
  Topics : Web News
April 02, 2020Uproar Among Workers Supplying the World Meat Is Spreading
Workers demanding that their companies do more to keep them safe from the coronavirus
  Topics : Web News
April 02, 2020Amazon will roll out temperature checks and masks for workers at ALL its U.S. warehouses and Whole Foods stores
Workers at all its U.S. and European warehouses, plus Whole Foods stores, will have the equipment by early next week
  Topics : Web News
April 01, 2020NY lawmakers, unions urge Jeff Bezos to close Amazon warehouses hit by coronavirus
The group said they support workers’ calls for Amazon to close facilities where employees have tested positive for the virus.
  Topics : Web News
April 01, 2020March ISM manufacturing index is 49.1, signaling contraction as coronavirus hits economy
Had rallied above key 50 mark last month
  Topics : Web News

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