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May 28, 2020Meat industry is trying to get back to normal, but workers are still getting sick
Meat companies are spending hundreds of millions of dollars
  Topics : Web News
May 28, 2020Worker shortage concerns loom in immigrant-heavy meatpacking
Immigrants make up nearly 40 percent of the industrys roughly 470,000 workers
  Topics : Web News
May 28, 2020Amazon studies anti collision method for robots to increase throughput
The new method is able to avoid the idle time of other frameworks
  Topics : Web News
May 26, 2020UK retailers planning on quarantining items touched by customers.
The shopping habits that people may have grown used to in preCovid days have to end.
  Topics : Web News
May 26, 2020Amazon Prime Air Could Surge to 200 Jets From 42, Study Says
Air Cargo Service Could Possibly Compete With UPS, FedEx
  Topics : Web News
May 26, 2020How Schneider is Using Artificial Intelligence
Exec explains difference between AI and machine learning
  Topics : Web News
May 26, 2020Gap is rushing more robots into its warehouses to handle coronavirus disruption
The news illustrates how the pandemic may speed up automation in the retail industry
  Topics : Web News
May 26, 2020U.S. Trailer Net Orders Dropped 97 Percent Year over Year
Just 209 Trailers Sold
  Topics : Web News
May 25, 2020Amazon investors want the company to address worker safety at its shareholder meeting
Investors want Amazon to release a report detailing the outcomes of its investments in worker safety during the pandemic
  Topics : Web News
May 25, 2020New Chinese threat to devastate Australian economy
Sanctions if Australia supports the United States as tensions with Beijing escalate.
  Topics : Web News

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