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January 19, 2021Manufacturing reimagined, from improved productivity to profitable growth
Companies should look to Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies to increase resilience, sustainability and growth
  Topics : Web News
January 19, 2021China will not give up manufacturing for a runaway services sector
China is apparently keen to avoid the ascendancy of moneymakers over thing makers
  Topics : Web News
January 19, 2021Startup wants to bring micro-warehouses to vacant retail
Fabric raised 136 million dollars to convert big-box stores or gyms into fulfillment centers
  Topics : Web News
January 19, 2021FAA Approves Automated Commercial Drone Flights
FAA granted approval to a company to operate its drones without direct human supervision and without keeping the drone in sight.
  Topics : Web News
January 19, 2021Kroger Joins Amazon In The Race To Add Smart Grocery Carts
tracks what consumers pick up off the shelves and allow them to pay without standing in line.
  Topics : Web News
January 19, 2021Amazon Warehouse Workers To Decide Whether To Form Company's 1st U.S. Union
6,000 workers at Amazon warehouse in Bessemer, Ala., will begin voting next month
  Topics : Web News
January 19, 2021Cass Transportation Index Report December 2020
Freight Shipments and Expenditures Accelerate Out of 2020
  Topics : Web News
January 19, 2021Supply Chain News: Amazon Keeps Buying Cargo Jets, but Some Insiders Think Air is a Defect
Purchase of 11 More Planes brings Total to 85, and more than 150 Flights per Day
  Topics : Web News
January 15, 2021Surging Shipping Rates Pose New Headwind for Global Economy
Container rates on transpacific routes are quadruple what they were a year ago
  Topics : Web News
January 15, 2021Listen to the Loud, Irritating Noise Made by Amazon’s Electric Rivian Delivery Vans
Sounds like a mix of a generic sci-fi hum and the most annoying sound in the world from Dumb and Dumber.
  Topics : Web News

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