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October 26, 20166 ways Target plans to win the holiday season
Extending free shipping window part of straegy
  Topics : Web News
October 26, 2016Globalization Goes Into Reverse
By many measures, globalization has been in full retreat since the crisis of 2008
  Topics : Web News
October 26, 2016Amazon Dash Button Continues Exponential Growth
More than 200 Dash Buttons now available
  Topics : Web News
October 26, 2016Jeff Bezos Offers New Details on Amazon's Delivery Drones
How the drones know where to land
  Topics : Web News
October 26, 2016Do Supply Chain Audits Work?
Dealing With Deviant Suppliers Like A Journalist
  Topics : Web News
October 26, 2016Is sneaker production making a return run to the US?
The American sneaker factory could be coming back, with robots doing most of the work
  Topics : Web News
October 26, 2016Otto, Budweiser Announce First Shipment Using Autonomous Truck
Otto system controlled the acceleration, braking, and steering of the truck to carry the beer exit-to-exit
  Topics : Web News
October 26, 2016Chart shows how quickly shoppers definition of 'fast' is changing
Two days is new standard
  Topics : Web News
October 24, 2016Should Private Fleets Adopt Video Cameraa?
Could reduce claims from accidents, showing trucker not at fault
  Topics : Web News
October 24, 2016Is Sears Struggling to Pay Vendors?
Sears insists it is paying, despite report from to toy company
  Topics : Web News

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