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June 26, 2017Will Amazon Bring Kiva Robots to Whole Foods?
The retailer could bring its distribution technology to the grocery chain
  Topics : Web News
June 26, 2017House Bill Aims For Dedicated Revenue Source for Freight Infrastructure
Involves a 1 Percent Waybill Fee on All Goods Movenent
  Topics : Web News
June 26, 2017Amazon-Whole Foods deal is less about stores and more about data
Amazon may predict what customers need and automatically send it to them
  Topics : Web News
June 26, 2017Grocery delivery services face challenging last-mile logistics and unbending deadlines in getting goods to customer homes
Delivering perishables is very tricky
  Topics : Web News
June 26, 2017Analysts expect growing retailer attempts to compete directly with Amazon to feed greater demand for warehousing space
Demand for distribution space expected to remain strong
  Topics : Web News
June 26, 2017JB Hunt is testing augmented reality in some of its truck yard operations.
The jury is still out on benefits, company says
  Topics : Web News
June 23, 2017China Taking Gamble with Carbon Trading Market
Claims to bebulding largest market for carbon emissions permits
  Topics : Web News
June 23, 2017Spot Truckload Rates Remain at Two-Year Highs as Loads Di
Load t -truck ratios retreated but remain at a three year high
  Topics : Web News
June 23, 2017Drone-company CEOs meeting with Trump lobbied hard for looser regulation
President expressed concerns that ove -regulation of the drone industry would cause the U.S. to fall behind other countries
  Topics : Web News
June 23, 2017Amazon’s vision for the future: delivery drone beehives in every city
Welcome to Amazontopia
  Topics : Web News

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