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May 23, 2018Senators Push FMCSA Chief to Reform Trucker Hours of Service Rule
Say changes needed to provide needed flexibility for [truck] drivers.
  Topics : Web News
May 23, 2018Truck Tonnage Index Shows Robust Growth in April
The ATA Truck Tonnage Index has shown an average annual gain of 8% so far this year - a good sign for the economy
  Topics : Web News
May 23, 2018Kansas City Start-Up Developing Smart Pavement
Could help increase roadway safety but also serve as the platform for WiFi for cars
  Topics : Web News
May 23, 2018Trump Backs Away From China Deal Under Pressure by Trade Hawks
Some in Congress who have assailed the accord as a capitulation
  Topics : Web News
May 23, 2018Amazon Map Tracker lets you follow your package delivery in real time
Great for anyone who obsesses over the exact moment an Amazon delivery is slated to arrive
  Topics : Web News
May 23, 2018No one buys clothes on Amazon because they’re fashionable
Success selling clothing is being fueled by millennials with Amazon Prime.
  Topics : Web News
May 23, 2018Crude prices set to soar ahead of shipping revolution
On January 1, 2020, the International Maritime Organization will enforce new emissions standards designed to significantly curb pollution produced by cargo ships
  Topics : Web News
May 23, 2018Where U.S. Manufacturing Is Thriving In 2018
In recent months, 17 of the 18 major industries have been in growth mode
  Topics : Web News
May 23, 2018Robotics Rebuilds Manufacturing Landscape
Numberf factory is expected to reach 3.05 million by 2020
  Topics : Web News
May 22, 2018Truckload Linehaul, Intermodal Rates Hover Near Record Highs
The Cass Truckload Linehaul Index continued the acceleration that began in 2017 by posting an 8.2 percent year over year increase
  Topics : Web News

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