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April 27, 2016Truck Driver Shortage Being Filled by Immigrants
merica faces a driver shortage. Meet the immigrants helping fill the gap.
  Topics : Web News
April 27, 2016On This Waterfront, Robot Longshoremen Are the New Contenders
A Los Angeles marine cargo facility demonstrates how autonomous technology could revolutionize freight transport
  Topics : Web News
April 27, 2016Boone Pickens: Oil to $60 By End of Year, $80 in 2017
US Oil Drilling Closing Down, Reduing Supply
  Topics : Web News
April 27, 2016Turnover Increases at Large Truckload Fleets
Rate in Q4 was 102 Percent, about Flat with Q3, ATA Says
  Topics : Web News
April 27, 2016MakerBot will stop making its 3-D printers in New York, Move Production to Florida
The move follows several rounds of layoffs at MakerBot in recent years, as well as a revolving door of CEOs
  Topics : Web News
April 27, 2016Here's why Amazon won't be a threat to FedEx or UPS anytime soon
Lack of Density and Competitive Fears by Other Retailers
  Topics : Web News
April 25, 2016Why the Internet of Things is the next target for ransomware
Devices from pacemakers to cars could be rendered useless by ransomware infections, warns a think tank
  Topics : Web News
April 25, 2016Fatal Truck-Involved Crashes Drop, But Injury Crashes Increase
The number of large trucks involved in injury crashes climbed by 21%, from 73,000 to 88,000
  Topics : Web News
April 25, 2016Philadelphia Federal Reserve's business index for April came in much worse than expected
The index sank to -1.6 from 12.4 in March, well below the expected reading of 10.0.
  Topics : Web News
April 25, 2016Is Amazon same-day delivery service racist?
Amazon does not offer same-day delivery to some poorer, black neighborhoods
  Topics : Web News

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