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August 17, 2017‘Smokey and the Bandit’ Charm Fades as Truck Driver Hiring Lags
Struggle recruiting millennials risks worsening U.S. shortage
  Topics : Web News
August 17, 2017US ecommerce Sales Up 16.2% in Q2 vs 2016
Forrester predicts 17 percent of all retail sales byy 2022
  Topics : Web News
August 17, 2017Amazon be warned, the online 'war' is on with Wal-Mart, analyst says
Walmart ecommerce sales grew an impressive 60 percent in the latest period, boosted by food purchases
  Topics : Web News
August 17, 2017Manufacturing jobs are there, but workers need skills
More and more factory jobs now demand education, technical know how or specialized skills.
  Topics : Web News
August 17, 2017Amazon is Considering Sending Your Drone-Delivered Package Down a Chute
Patent filing outlines an idea that allows a drone to deposit a package without having to land
  Topics : Web News
August 17, 2017Supply Chain Management Is Killing Inflation
We are awash in stuff, and that makes inflation a tough sell.
  Topics : Web News
August 17, 2017Despite soaring profits, Union Pacific will lay off 750 workers, including about 8% of its management force
Says attrition alone will not keep pace with our need and ability to reduce costs
  Topics : Web News
August 17, 2017CMA CGM will offer U.S. exporters shipping pacts through the New York Shipping Exchange
Will offer U.S. export shippers guaranteed rates and ship dates through four ports via the forward contract model.
  Topics : Web News
August 16, 2017End of the checkout line: the looming crisis for American cashiers
Millionjobss could soon be without
  Topics : Web News
August 16, 2017U.S. Oil Drillers Keep Pressure on OPEC With Record Shale Output
September oil output seen at record 6.15 million barrels a day
  Topics : Web News

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