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March 20, 2017Inside Amazon’s Battle to Break Into the $800 Billion Grocery Market
Eommerce giant is embracing the physical stores it once shunned
  Topics : Web News
March 20, 2017US to confront China over "unacceptable" auto policies
American automakers are hit with a 25 percent import tariff when they sell in China
  Topics : Web News
March 20, 20173D Systems says its system produces plastic parts 50 times faster than comparable printers
Company targetting aerospace, automotive, healthcare, dental and durable goods
  Topics : Web News
March 20, 2017Prepare: The robots are coming for your distribution job
Advances in robotics and artificial intelligence will start replacing humans in DCs
  Topics : Web News
March 20, 2017Former Amazon Real Estate Chief On How Retailers Can Compete
Retailers must compete on the home delivery front, expert says
  Topics : Web News
March 20, 2017Fancy Software Brings the Panama Canal Into the 21st Century
The goal is to reduce the time ships spend waiting
  Topics : Web News
March 20, 2017A New Paradigm Emerges in Understanding Supply Chain Networks
The research will generate a body of knowledge which will help explain how modern supply chains develop, evolve and change
  Topics : Web News
March 17, 2017Japan Turns to Robots to Fix Labor Shortage
Japanese construction market is looking towards robots and drones to fill jobs usually performed by humans
  Topics : Web News
March 17, 2017Amazon has an idea for delivery drones with robotic wings and legs to help them land
The ecommerce giant's latest idea describes an adjustable landing-gear extension that can be extended or contracted
  Topics : Web News
March 17, 2017XPO Logistics LTL Drivers In Trenton Seek Teamster Representation
33 drivers at the former Conway Freight want to join Teamsters Local 701 in North Brunswick, N.J.
  Topics : Web News

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