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May 03, 2018Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: What Countries Spend the Most on Research and Development?
South Korea by Far Tops the List, with the US at Number 4
  Topics : Supply Chain and Government | Supply Chain Innovation | Supply Chain studies | Supply Chain Trends
February 15, 2018Supply Chain Comment: Is Amazon Really Building its Own Parcel Network?
New Shipping with Amazon Program Says Yes, but How Far Can it Take It?
  Topics : | e-fulfillment | ecommerce | Parcel shipping/parcel systems | Supply Chain Innovation
December 13, 2017Sorting It Out: The Importance of Innovation as a Competitive Factor
A List of 12 Suggestions That do not Require Capital Funding
  Topics : Distribution | Supply Chain Innovation
November 19, 2017Supply Chain News Makers Video Series: Interesting Technical Enhancement to the Famous Beer Game
Dr. Larry Snyder of OpEx Anlytics and Lehigh Explains Addition of Form of Machine Learning
  Topics : Supply Chain Innovation | Supply Chain Planning software
November 01, 2017Supply Chain by Design: Reinforcement Learning Explained Using the Beer Game
This Article was Written by Larry Snyder of Opex Analytics and Lehigh University
  Topics : Supply chain and the IT function/technology | Supply Chain Experts | Supply Chain Innovation | Supply chain thought leadership
October 11, 2017Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: Revisiting the Gartner Pace Model for Supply Chain Software Innovation
New Advanced Supply Chain Analytics are a Cornerstone of Gartner's "Systems of Innovation" Layer
  Topics : Supply chain excellence | Supply Chain Innovation | Supply Chain Planning software | Supply chain software
August 21, 2017Supply Chain News: Amazon to Pick and Store Orders in Two Minutes, Use Chutes from Drones for Deliveries
New Instant PickUp Program Targets the Impulse Buy Market with Five Locations, Many More to Follow
  Topics : | e-fulfillment | Supply Chain Innovation
August 03, 2017Shipper and 3PL Supply Chain Innovation - Who Should Do What?
More from SCDigest's Excellent Benchmark Study that Sheds Light on Increasingly Important Topic
  Topics : Outsourcing/offshoring | Supply Chain Innovation | Supply Chain studies | Supply Chain Trends | Third-party logistics
July 17, 2017Supply Chain News: Procurement Organizations Value Supplier Innovation, but Few Structured to Consistently Benefit
Innovation Much Harder to Measure than Cost and Quality
  Topics : Procurement/Supplier Management | Supply Chain Innovation
July 05, 2017Supply Chain News: Amazon Files Patent for Urban Drone "Beehive," includes Plans for Redundant Propulsion Systems
Need to Go Up in Urban Areas, Amazon Says, with Plans to Reduce Drone Noise and Increase Safety
  Topics : Distribution | e-fulfillment | ecommerce | Supply Chain Innovation | Warehouse design

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