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August 28, 2020Seismic Changes in Consumer Goods to Retail Supply Chains, as Nike Upending Traditional Model
Changes at Nike and Lowes Illustrate Fundamental Changes in Supply Chains, Driven by eCommerce
  Topics : Consumer goods industry supply chain | e-fulfillment | ecommerce | Supply Chain Innovation | Supply chain strategy | Supply chain thought leadership | Supply chain transformation
July 14, 2020Supply Chain News: Want to Disinfect Your Warehouse? MIT has a Robot for That
Mobile Robot with Ultraviolet Light Emitting Can Kill Airborne and Surface Viruses
  Topics : Distribution | Supply Chain Innovation
July 02, 2020Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: Snap Shots of New Age Supply Chain Technology Adoption
A Compendium of New Age Technology Deployments from State of Logistics Report
  Topics : Supply Chain Innovation
June 16, 2020Tesla and Nikola Battling it Out in Truck and Stock Market
Both Stocks are Soaring, Interest High, though Different Appoaches to Powering Semis
  Topics : Stocks | Supply Chain Innovation | Transportation | Trucking
June 03, 2020Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: Amazon Patents Blockchain Style Visibility to Give Consumers more Information
Certification at Each Handoff would Enable Consumers to See Product Geneology in Detail and Trust the Data
  Topics : | Global supply chain | Supply Chain Innovation
May 26, 2020Supply Chain News: The Coronavirus Crisis may be Key Inflection Point for Drones
Seniors if Virginia Embrace Drone Deliveries from Wing and Walgreens
  Topics : Parcel shipping/parcel systems | Supply Chain Innovation | Supply Chain Trends | Transportation
March 30, 2020Supply Chain News: UPS Partnering with Wingcopter On Next Generation Drone Deliveries
Technology will be able to carry Heavier Loads in a Shorter Time
  Topics : Parcel shipping/parcel systems | Supply Chain Innovation | Transportation
March 13, 2020Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: What Actions are Companies Taking to Prepare for Digital Supply Chains?
Big Changes Coming to Suppy Chain Tech over Next Few Years
  Topics : Supply Chain Innovation | Supply Chain Trends
March 11, 2020Supply Chain News: Growing Array of Wearable Devices be Applied with Distribution Center Workers
From Sensors to Brain Wave Trackers to Exoskeletons, DCs Increasingly Testing Ground, Mostly for Safety Improvements
  Topics : Distribution | Supply Chain Innovation
February 10, 2020RFID, AIDC, and IoT News: Amazon Files for Patent for Wearable Computers Working with Vision Systems
System would Verify Selected Items in Retail and Warehouses through Imaging, but Advantage in FCs versus Current Technology not Clear
  Topics : | Distribution | Order picking | Supply Chain Innovation

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